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Butterfly Group

Take a look at our wonderful Wizard of Oz party pictures.


We had a wonderful time today playing party games, dancing and eating yummy party food.  Including yellow brick road munchies, tin man heart biscuits, and rainbow cupcakes.


We all walked up the yellow brick raod to Emerald City, where were awarded special keepsake gifts for our kindness, cleverness, and courage.  We danced a farewell dance to 'somewhere over the rainbow' and took home Dorothy party bags full of treats.

Week 7-


Dreams really do come true!


This was our final week of Wizard of Oz, and as well as watching clips of the film on the televison we were able to act out the full story with our friends in the role play room using all the costumes and story props, and our Emerald City, that we had created out of cardboard boxes.

We made Good Witch of the North Wands and wicked witch faces as well as our own baskets with Dorothy's dog Toto inside.

Our rainbow art folders are all nice and full of all the lovely things we have been creating this term and are ready to take home.


We cant wait for our special Wizard of Oz part next week!




Week 6


This week the Wizard of Oz awarded the scarecros for his cleverness, the tin man for his kindness, and the lion for his courage.  Dorothy tapped her ruby slippers three time and we all shouted ' There's no place like Stepping Stones'.  We created our no place like Stepping Stones favourite memory pictures this week, as well as writing our own Wizard of Oz story books.


We were all asked in turn what we would ask for if we visited the Wizard of Oz.  We have had special helpers on work experience from Swanick and Tibshelf School, visiting us this week at Stepping Stones.  They have helped us create a lovely wall dsaply with all our answers and wishes on them.  Thank you for your help girls.



Week 5-

This week in our story we finally reached Emerald City where we meet the wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy asked the wizard to help her find her way home, the scarecrow asked for a brain, the tin man asked for heart and the lion asked for courage.


The Wizard said he would give them all thses things if they made the wicked witch of the west disappear and brought him back her broomstick.


We have been learning a new song-'we're off to see the wizard' this week.  We have also been creating maps to re-tell the story ourselves in the correct sequence of events and characters.


We also created our own Emerald City collage pictures using green paints and paper shapes in the craft room. We also have made our own dorothy pictures in the craft room.


The children have also been creating their own 'squishy rainbow bags'. 


Next week will be our final week of our story the Wizard of Oz-we will find out what happens!




Week 4

'If I only had courage'


This week we met the cowardly lion along the yellow brick road and we ivited him to come and see the Wizard of Oz with us to ask for some courage.


The children perservered in trying a lot of new things and we were awarded medals for our bravery.


We were very courageous and learnt how to value our acheivements!!


Outside in the garden we had fun with another experiment (which the children and adults are loving). This week we played with shaving foam, food colouring and water.   See pictures to follow!


It was also Lorettes last day at Stepping Stones so we had a really special fun day for her!! All of us will really miss her!

Week 3

This week the children have met the tin man in the story.  We find out that the Tin Man is not very nice and does not use his manners to ask for oil.  He then explains he does not have a heart.  Dorothy suggests coming to find the Wizard of Oz to find his heart.

All week we have encouraged the children to use their kind hearts to do special things. When we noticed them doing kind things we gave them a heart to put on our tin man display.

The children have also made a special friend a wooden heart to show their kindness.

We also were making tin men out of pots and pans in Pansies room this week.


Outside this week we have been doing a special experiment.  It was called 'the walking water' experiment.  Take a look at our pictures.  The children enjoyed telling us their own ideas of how the water was moving from one cup to another cup.  We enjoyed seeing all the children using their critical thinking skills.  Many children explained that the paper towel was sucking up the water.  Very clever butterflies!!

Week 2

Week 2


This week met the scarecrow on the yellow brick road.  We learnt our directions in order to travel on the yellow brick road, the children moved forward, backwards, left and right as we walked down the yellow brick road. 

 We created our very own yellow brick road by cutting our yellow paper with scissors and using rulers and pencils to draw the bricks.  The children are showing great control of simple tools (scissors) and also pencils as they created their beautiful road.

We have also been learning to value our acheivements, showing how clever we could be and we were awarded diploma certificates for using our brains, which we displayed on our scarecrow that we created for our character wall display. For our school leavers we also wrote lists of clever things we could do for our new teachers.

Week 1

This week we have been hearing the first part of the Wizard of Oz story.  The children have been acting out Dorothy travelling over the rainbow and meeting the Munchkins.  We sang '5 little Munchkins' while Dorothy met the Munchkins.  Glenda the Good witch of North arrived to welcome Dorothy and then gave her ruby red slippers.  Dorothy asks how to get home and find out she must find the Wizard of Oz. We ended the story this week with Dorothy 'Following the Yellow Brick Road.'


'5 Little munchkins'


5 Little Munchkins standing in a line. 1,2,3,4,5, so fine.  One shook Dorothy by the hand, and welcomed her to munchkin land. 4 Little munchkins standing in a line 1,2,3,4, Clap so fine...etc.



By singing this song the children were able to understand which number was one fewer than the one before. This is part of the EYFS mathematics section.  Many of the children were shouting out how many munchkins were left without even counting the children standing up :) Well Done Butterflies!



Throughout the nursery we have had a lot of fun activities to start our Wizard of Oz themed term.

The children have made rainbow folders to collect all their art projects.  We have squiggled and wiggled to make large circles in the Physical room.  The children have also enjoyed creating their very own lollipops, like the munchkins in the story. 


We have also enjoyed the beautiful sunshine outside.  Many of the children enjoyed playing with the bubbles and also in our large water tray! 


Dorothy and Toto!
Glenda the good witch of the north arrives in a bubble to greet Dorothy.
The munchkins welcome Dorothy with a lollipop.
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