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I want to be....

Fun week

As the children break up this week they are taking part in lots of their favourite activities - including choosing their favourite stories to listen to and favourite songs to sing.

When i grow up

This week we talked about lots of different occupations and what we would like to be when we grew up. We had a pop star stage to perform and play musical instruments. We had a little pet vet corner as well as a hairdressing salon and we played with our 'happy land' village which included lots of different buildings and occupations, such as a post office, a fire station, a hospital and a police station.

We had lots of different occupational costumes to wear and some of us came to Pre-school dressed in our own costumes.


This week the caterpillars had lots of fun playing in our role play supermarket - taking turns to be the shopkeeper and the customer. They also sang along and danced to "we're all going to the supermarket" pretending to put different food items in the trolley.


This week the caterpillars played down on old Mcdonalds farm. They learned names of lots of different farm animals and their babies and played far animal sounds games.

As we poured milk fo children at snack time we encouraged them to "moo" - as we were teaching them that milk came from a cow.

They also learned where eggs come from and had fun counting eggs from the basket and they grew their own little grass fields from seeds.


fire fighter

This week the caterpillar group played with the happy land fire station and took part in regular fire drills. They learned a new song '5 little firemen.' Oudoors they played with water, using guttering, pipes, jugs and a variety of containers to transport water.



This week the caterpillar children played in the dolly hospital and also with the happy land hospital.

We took part in lots of feelings activities- looking at story books, singing songs and dancing along to our fabby dabby dee c.d.


I want to be an astronaut.

This week the caterpillar group have pretende to put on their space boots for a trip to the moon.  They copied actions to our zooming to the moon cd and listened to a story called 'My Daddy' (about a little girl whose Daddy was an astronaut. They played in the role play space area and explored lots of sensory equipment.  In the craft room they created special star cards for Dads and Grandads.



This week we played in our role play kitchen cooking up and serving different meals as well as cooking up delights in our outdoor kitchen, using a cariety of bakeware, cookware and utensils.  In the craft room we painted with fruit and played with pasta and porridge oats.

We talked about our favourite foods and looked at lots of different food story books, such as chocolate mousse for greedy goose and Oliver's fruit salad.


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