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Under the sea

little whales song

This week we will be listening to the story Little Whales Song and we will be playing a sounds game with our friends- calling out for Mummy just like the Whale in the story with different sounds to match. 

We will be playing with musical instruments as well as finding other things we can create sounds with. 

In the craft room we will be making whale pictures as well as making little sounds bags to take home.

fidgety fish

This week we are listening to the story of Fidgety Fish and we will be playing a Fidgety Fish movement game- moving in different ways, just like Fidgety Fish.

We will be painting Big Fish pictures and playing an alliteration game with sea creature  picture cards.( like clickety crab  and jumping jellyfish)

We will also be boarding our plane this week and finding our own letter seats on the plane before preparing to take off.

sharing a shell

This week we are listening to a story- Sharing A Shell. 

We will be making our own shell dens in the garden using a variety of large equipment and seeing how many friends can fit inside and share the shell. 

We will be counting shells and sharing them out equally amongst our friends as well as painting pretty patterns on shell shapes to add to our wall display.

little stinker

This week we are listening to a funny story about a smelly fish and we will be having fun playing a game- 'what do you think is the stink?" passing round buckets  to smell , and guess what it is.

We will be having gun painting with filled balloons and painting with exploding paint balloons in the garden.

We will be playing our suitcase packing game with week and setting up our departure lounge and check in desk at the airport, making our own little passports ready for 'passport control' next week.

billy's bucket

This week we are  listening to the story' Billy's Bucket' - about a boy and his imaginary birthday bucket.

We will be creating our own imaginary buckets in the craft room- painting sea creatures as well as creating sea creatures out of dough to put in our buckets.

In the garden we will be using buckets to build sand castles, buckets of water to  wash the cars and also playing a sensory bucket game( feeling - and guessing what's inside)

We will be making buckets of jelly surprises to take home.

Rainbow fish


We will be exploring lights and colour this week as we create our own little rainbow fish using a variety of different materials and we will also be working together to help create a light box to use in our under the sea dark den.

We will be having fun in our sensory room, discovering and exploring torches, bubble lamps, lava lamps,sand timers and much more.

We will also be creating little light up Rainbow Fish using milk bottles and fairy lights.

In the craft room we will be filling different size containers and measuring jugs and finding out which holds the most and least.

We will be talking all about friendship- about sharing and caring and will be rewarding children for their kind behaviour with little shiny fish scales, as well as encouraging children to reward others too.

In our busy Lizzie's room we will be colouring rainbow fish by numbers and taking part in lots of turn taking games with our friends.

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