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under the sea

that's not my pirate

This week we are playing with our pirate ship and sea creatures and listening to lots of different pirate stories.

We are using lots of different mark making equipment in our small activity room - paper, pens, pencils chalks and crayons.

In the welcome room we have a pirates treasure chest and there is a piece of chocolate treasure for all the children to take home.

hide and seek under the sea

This week we will be creating sea creatures using a variety of junk as well as painting our own sea creatures.

In the garden we will be playing a game of hide and seek - searching for different sea creatures that can be found in our story book.

In the sand we will be digging for hidden objects to name as well as painting using frozen paint on lollipop sticks.

hooray for fish

This week we will be looking at our new story book- counting the fish and looking at all the different sizes, shapes and patterns. In our activity room we will also be taking part in lots of counting activities and playing with a variety of 'shapes ' construction and shapes jigsaw puzzles

In our creative room we will be painting and decorating a variety of different fish shapes and singing along to 1,2,3,4,5.

way down deep in the deep blue sea

This week we will be discovering and learning the names of   lots of different sea creatures  as we play in our water trough and join in our new story book.

We will be creating Octopus in the craft room- stamping patterns on paper plates and counting out ribbons for legs.

In our pretend play  room we will be playing with Bob the builder, our sensory space table and our princess castle and play figures.

In our under the sea theme room we will be discovering different textures in our sensory basket and counting  and pairing the coloured octopuses. 

rainbow fish

This week we will be listening to our story of Rainbow fish- using our giant Rainbow fish picture with removable shiny scales. we will be making little fishy Fathers Day cards and exploring our messy troughs in the craft room- with shaving foam, play dough and water.


that's not my mermaid

This week we will be listening to the story 'That's not my Mermaid' and in the craft room we will be working together to decorate a mermaid's tail using lots of sparkly materials. We will be dancing to tunes from the little mermaid using voiles and streamers, as well as exploring our mermaid lagoon in our under the sea room. We will have lots more fun activities on offer such as the dinosaurs, the farm animals and the wooden building blocks. In our hands on messy play room, we will be playing with pasta and cereals and using a variety of real bakeware.

billy's bucket

This week we will be listening to a brilliant story about a little boy and his imaginary bucket.

We will be making our own little buckets- putting our favourite sea creatures that we can see inside( using a variety of different textured materials to create these creatures) and sharing our ideas with our friends , as we play 'pass the bucket'.

In the garden we will be building sand castles using plastic buckets and spades.

We will also be exploring our new under the sea theme room, with pirates, mermaids and sea creatures.

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