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Rudy is the sportiest of all the Trolls and loves to play different sports including ‘Bug Ball’. 


This week we will be holding a variety of different sports events - including football in the garden, running races, croquet and skittles. All the boys and girls will be encouraged to persevere when trying new skills and all will be awarded sports medals for taking part in our sporting events. We will be talking about different sports and sharing our experiences of sporting activities we've taken part in with our families and friends.


This week we will be encouraging the children to express themselves in our Craft Room and to choose how and what they wish to paint. We will be providing a variety of different paints and lots of different tools to paint with, such as paintbrushes, rollers, sponges, hand mitts and printers.

We will also be showing the children a variety of different painting techniques to try and sharing pictures painted by famous artists.

We will be creating Mother's Day cards as well as threading pretty beads to make bracelets for our mums or grandmas.

We will be joining in the caterpillars giant wiggle- searching the rooms and the garden for all the different fruit and food that the hungry caterpillar ate  and using our sensory caterpillar trough we will be learning all about the life cycle of a caterpillar.

true colours

This week we look at all the Trolls and talk about how they are similar and different. We will be talking about how people from all over the world are different and we will be listening to the story ‘The Colour of Me’. 


This week we will be celebrating our own Holi festival (which is the Hindu festival of colour). People celebrate Holi by throwing coloured powder on each other and by painting their body in different colours. We will be having fun mixing powder paints with our hands and painting cut out body shapes with spray water bottles full of paint. We will also be learning our new Holi colours song: 

Now that Holi has begun, 

It is time to have some fun. 

Throwing colours in the air, 

Coloured faces, coloured hair. 

Now we dance and now we sing. 

As we welcome in the Spring!

king peppy

This week we will be talking all about the place we live and creating maps to share with everyone - showing our journey from our house to pre-school and the features in our homes and environment. We will be using our remote control Bee Bot to follow our Troll maze and discover Branche’s Underground Bunker, as well as creating a crazy Troll village on our new iPad game.


In our role-play room, we will be playing in the Bergen's castle. We will be dressing as Kings and Queens, enjoying a Bergen banquet and playing with lots of different small world fantasy environments, such as the magical gazebo from In the Night Garden, the Teletubbies’ Superdome and Fimble Valley.


In Busy Lizzie’s room and in the garden, we will be using construction materials to build homes and castles.


Our sensory basket this week will full of man-made materials to explore, including objects made out of wood, plastic and metal.


This week we will be learning to do a variety of different dances such as traditional Spanish Flamenco dancing, Scottish dancing, Ballet, Disco and of course Rock n' Troll. We will be performing dances in our role-play Dance Studio and we will be encouraging children to also show off their own styles of dancing to their favourite tunes. We will also be giving away free dance session tickets, so that the boys and girls get a chance to attend and try out a Disco class at Devas Dance School in Kirkby in Ashfield. Also, our sensory basket this week will have dancing items to explore and talk about. 


We will be making Poppy pops to take home, having a go at placing trinkets and gems over patterns- copying lines, zig zags and swirls as well as letters from our name- and in the craft room we will be playing with colourful cooked pasta, creating monsters and trolls with the play dough as well as having a go at junk modelling.

satin and chenille

Satin and Chenille are twins. This week we will be talking about twins and finding out which of our friends are twins at Pre -School. We will also be talking about our brothers and our sisters and in which ways we are alike and different. 


We will be listening to a story about twins, who, even though they may look the same, are very, very different. 


Satin and Chenille are the most fashionable of all the Trolls and love to dress up. 

We will be looking at and talking about the clothes we like to wear this week and playing lots of clothes games such as 'load the washing machine’, 'pair the socks’ and 'what shall we wear today?’ In the Craft Room, we will be designing outfits for the Trolls and we will also be dressing up in our ‘Fashion Boutique’. Also, our sensory basket this week will be full of different fabrics to explore.

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