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traditional tales

goldilocks and the three bears

"When Goldilocks went to the house of the Bears what did her blue eyes see, 

A bear that was huge, a bear that was small, a bear that was tiny and that was all, she counted them 1, 2, 3............." 

We will be singing along to our action song this week and learning different size language as we play in our role play kitchen and serve porridge into 3 different size bowls to 3 different size bears, sitting on 3 different size chairs. 

We will be painting different size bears in the craft room as well as creating Goldilocks puppets and playing in our 'Golden Locks' hair salon.

chicken licken

We will be joining in with our Chicken Licken story this week- learning rhyming words and letter sounds. 

In our craft room we will be creating our own little Chicken Lickens and we will be playing with the animals down on the farm. We will also be exploring sounds of the different musical instruments and making sounds in our little bird band.

the little gingerbread man

This week we will be taking part in lots of counting activities .We will be counting current buns to sell in our role play bakers shop, counting and sorting cookies into numbered cookie jars and counting buttons to stick on our little gingerbread men. 

We will be icing and decorating real gingerbread men to bring home as well as joining in our new gingerbread man action song.

the three little pigs

Our role play room will be transformed into a construction workshop and we will be building houses using wooden blocks, Lego, mega blocks and large soft play shapes. 

We will be learning shapes and finding different shapes in the environment and drawing shapes in the air with our hands as we sing our 'build a house' song. 

In the craft room we will be playing with pigs in mud and sticking and painting to create houses of straw, sticks and bricks.

little red riding hood

We will be acting out the story this week as we play in our 'Grandma's Bedroom' and 

we will be playing in our role play flower shop as well as making flower pictures for Grandma and little red riding hood dollies to take home. 

Our main objective is learning colours and there will be lots of colour sorting and naming activities. 

We will also be learning our rainbow song and learning to use makaton to sign all the colours of the rainbow as well as playing with our rainbow parachute in the garden.

the magic porridge pot

This week we will be playing with porridge oats and oaty play dough. 

In our role play room we will be serving breakfast to all our friends in our little breakfast cafe.


This week the boys and girls will be discovering our new Disney theme room, where we have a Pooh Bear Corner to sit and chat with a friend on our comfy cushions or take a look through our selection of Pooh Bear books or dress up in our Disney outfits in our Princess Palace. 

In our role play room they can enjoy a princess tea party and play with the royal palace with small world story figures and puppets. 

In the craft room they can paint pumpkin shapes using a variety of fruit and vegetables, decorate Cinderella slippers and play with the playdough to create slippers, fairy godmother wands and Cinderella faces.

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