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chicken licken

We will be joining in with our rhyming story this week - learning the names of lots of different feathered friends, such as Ducky  Lucky, Henny Penny And Goosey Loosey.

We will be creating little chicks,  Easter nest cakes and decorating Easter egg shapes with a variety of colourful craft materials.

 We will be taking part in our Easter Egg hunt out in the garden, collecting and counting eggs in our little baskets.

the gingerbread man

We will be playing in our gingerbread kitchen this week, using a variety of real cookware and bakeware. 

We will be making little gingerbread men out of play dough, painting gingerbread men shapes and decorating real gingerbread men biscuits with icing and raisins to bring home. 

In the physical room we will be singing along to 'I'm a Little Gingerbread Man' - learning to move in a variety of ways- running,rolling,jumping and hopping.

jack and the beanstalk

We will be creating and painting various objects from the story this week, such as golden eggs, little hens, golden harps and beanstalks. 

We will also be plating beans so that we can watch them grow and we will be learning all about what makes plants and flowers grow. 

We will be playing in our indoor garden centre- potting plants and flowers, as well as pretending to be a flower growing ourselves in our physical room as we join in our 'flower dance', using colourful scarves and materials.

goldilocks and the three bears

This week we will be making porridge for the 3 Bears in our role play kitchen and playing in our 'Golden Locks Hair Salon'. 

We will be learning size language through the telling of the story and by singing our new 

' makaton' Goldilocks song and In the craft room we will be sponge painting different size bear shapes as well as making special cards for our mums or Grandmas for Mothers Day

the three little pigs

This week the boys and girls will be able to have a go at creating their own houses as we turn our role play room into a construction workshop with a variety of bricks, blocks, soft play, cardboard boxes and construction materials to choose. 

They will be painting little pigs, playing with the farmyard animals and singing along to 'Old McDonalds Farm' using our song prop bag.

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