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Teddy Bears

Week 7- baby shower

This week was fun week at pre school and we danced to party music, enjoyed party food at snack time and sang all our favourite songs and listened to lots of lovely Christmas stories.

As it was Angie's last week because he is leaving to have her baby twin boys we have taken part in a speical baby shower, showering Angie with lots of baby gifts-such as bibs, baby blankets, bottles and nappies.

We each had a gift to give her.

We also played with dolls, made little babies in cots and listened to a very special sotry about the birth of baby Jesus.

Week 6-Say hello to snowy animals

The children have been listening to a story called 'Say hello to snowy animals' this week.  They have been playing with all the artic animals in the winter wonderland corner.  They have even been playing in the pretend snow and have created lovely Polar bear Christmas cards.  They have also had a sleigh ride, where they have dressed up in the winter clothing and sang Christmas songs.

Week 5- 'We're going on a bear hunt'

This week the caterpillars went on a bear hunt-through the grass-'swishy swashy'-through the mud-'squelch squelch' and through the whiling snowstorm. They joined in the story, copying the actions and learning lots of new language.

In the craft room we used our senses to play in the water, the mud, the leaves adn the pretend snow, just like in the story.

We wrote our letters to Santa Claus this week in our cosy living room, that we decorated for Christmas.

We even put up our Christmas tree and took turns decorating it ourselves-choosing from a basket of different decorations.


Week 4-'Where's my teddy?'

The caterpillar group listened to a story about a little boy called Eddy who lost his teddy called Freddy in the deep dark woods.  He cound a giant teddy bear that belonged to an enormous bear.  We learnt all about sizes this week-putitng items in size order and learning new language such as big, small, tiny, giant, and enormous.  In the craft room we had 2 different size bear shapes.  We used leaves we'd collected in the garden to paint leaf prints onto the small bears and we painted the large bears using sponges.

As our story was set in the woods with lots of trees we got really creative with the trees in our garden this week.

First we had a go at creating tree faces using playdough and natural resources we collected, such as leaves, pebbles,and twigs.  Then we 'shaved our trees'.  We used rollers to roll shaving foam on to the tree and then we used little lollipop sticks to shave all the foam off quickly before all the foam disappeared.

Week 3 'Peace at Last'

The caterpillar group have been listening to the story 'Peace at last.' You wouldn't believe all the noises there were in the garden at night.  There were cats meowing, hedgehogs snuffling and owls hooting.  We played sound games, guessing ...what the different noises were from the story and choosing the correct picture card and also making the noises ourselves.  We created owls in the craft room and little hedgehogs out of pine cones and clay.

Week 2 'This is the bear who fell in the bin..'

This week the caterpillar group listened to a story about a bear who fell in the bin and was taken to the dump with all the rubbish. We had a go at sorting piles of rubbish.  We had a go at sorting piles of rubbish in to different materials and even made 'rubbish pictures'-sticking and gluing a variety of rubbish papers, cards and junk boxes.

Week 1-'whatever next'

This week we are playing with the happy land fire station and doing lots of bonfire night activities as well as taking part in routine fire drills.

We are also having a picnic on the moon, as we take part in our story 'whatever next.' Dont forget you can bring in your own teddy bear to join in the fun.


We have just turned our caterpillar themed room into a cosy living room.  The children will be taking part in lots of activities encouraging them to talk about their homes, their personal experiences at home and their families.

Children can bring in photos of their own living rooms or house for our wall display.  Check out the home projects- caterpillar section to find our 'home is where the heart is' activity.

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