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Caterpillar Group

Week 4

Bob the builder.


Can we fix it- yes we can.

For the final week of our favourite character theme the children are going to be doing Bob the builder.

In the role play room they will be playing with the Bob the Builder small world toys, the workbench and the construction site.

They will be constructing using a variety of shapes- wooden blocks, foam bricks, soft play and magnetic shapes.

In the craft room they will be creating pictures using a variety of different textures, including material, paper and wood.

They will be listening to the story of the 3 little pigs and using the props and puppets to re tell the story themselves.


Week 3

Peppa pig

This week the caterpillar group have played with the Peppa pig toys and have chosen different Peppa pig stories to listen to.

They played a muddy puddles game- jumping into numbered puddles and counting their jumps 1 to 5.

In the garden they played with pigs in mud and had lots of fun in the craft room playing with cooked pasta, water and porridge goo.

Week 2

Thomas the Tank Engine

This week we had fun building a gaint train track on the floor and playing with the trains.

In the craft room we used the trains to paint tracks on large sheets of paper which as lots of fun and we had a go at creating trains using junk boxes.

We listened to the rhyming story-engines engines and we went on a pretend train ride to the seaside.

Week 1

This week the caterpillars have been playing in their DcMcStuffin dolly hospital, looking after all the dolls and teddies.

They have also played a 'Miss Polly had a dolly' circle game and talked about different feelings.  They looked a story books all about going into hospital and to the doctors and made get well cards for the patients.  For snack they had 'get well' grapes and fruit and also had a look at a vase of real flowers which they were able to have a go at drawing and painting.


Our theme room has been transformed into an indoor beach where the boys and girls will be taking part in lots of fun activities, building sand castles, playing in our holiday suitcase game and watching our daily 'Punch and Judy' performances.  They had fun exploring this new room-building castles in the sand and playing with the 'happy land' seaside characters.

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