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do you speak english, moon?

This week we will be playing in our role play bedroom corner, where we can look out the window and see the moon. We will be listening to bedtime stories, singing lullabies as we talk all about bedtime routines. You may wish to bring your bedtime teddy or soft toy to show us this week. 

We will be learning a new song- There was a man lived on the moon and we will be creating moon pictures as well as playing in moon dust and planet play dough.

the super smelly alien

This week we will be using our senses to look at, touch and smell the different sensory troughs in our 'Planet Pong 'craft room. 

We will be playing in galactic goo, fishing for objects in our Lunar Lake and creating craters out of clay. 

We will be creating our own little flying saucers to display in our Space room and in our 'Crunch Comet' snack room we will be creating scrummy buns and biscuits to bring home. 


The colour of the week is orange, just like Alvin the alien in our story.

my daddy


This week we will be talking all about our families and learning about our friends families. 


In our story, Molly's Daddy is an astronaut, so we will be playing in our space centre and dressing up like astronauts. 

We will be learning about different occupations as we play with our small world happy town village and shops and our role play supermarket and dolly hospital. 

The colour if the week is yellow.

come to tea on planet zum zee

This week we will be mixing up silly food creations in our craft room as we play in wibbly wobbly jelly, pasta and assorted cereals and in the role play room we will also be cooking up tasty treats for our pretend tea party, such as musical biscuits, space pizzas and magical jelly. 

We will be talking all about our favourite foods and about healthy eating. 

The colour this week is blue just like the gloppy gloopy goo!

aliens love underpants

This week we will be singing our counting rhyme- '5 little men in a flying saucer' and dancing to 'zooming to the moon', learning to move in a variety of ways. 

We will be painting patterns on pants- paper shape pants as well as real pants and decorating flying saucers. 

We will be sorting clothes to wash in our home corner and playing with our rainbow coloured parachute in the garden.

shark in the dark

We will be making telescopes for looking at the stars and the moon this week as well as painting colourful planets using sponges, printers and paint rollers. 

We will be playing in the water with boats and exploring the shells and sea creatures that we find. 

The colour of the week is white.

whatever next

This week we sure listening to the story- 'Whatever Next' about a little bear who goes to the moon in his cardboard box rocket and has a little picnic there. 

We will be having our own little role play picnic on the moon with teddy and all his soft toy friends and we will be creating little rockets out of plastic bottles. 

We will be taking turns to explore our new outer space room and creating rockets in our snail room, using a large variety of construction materials.

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