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Silly Stories

shark in the park and shark in the dark on a windy day

This week we will be listening to 'The Shark in the Dark' and 'Shark in the Park on a Windy Day'. 


We will be taking our own little telescopes out into the garden to see what we can discover and looking at giant object picture cards- learning names of objects, their initial letter sounds as well as using descriptive language to talk about what we see. 

We will be looking through our telescopes at the moon and playing in our space corner as well as playing with our happy land beach. 

Can we spot a seagull, a yacht and a lighthouse- just like Timothy Pope?

don't put your finger in the jelly nelly

This week we will be doing just that - and putting our fingers in lots of food in our messy time craft area.

We will be playing with cooked pasta, mixing our own porridge and making jelly to bring home as well as threading Cheerios to make edible bracelets.

In our role play room we will be shopping in the supermarket and then cooking tea in the kitchen for all our friends.

Our main objective this week will be learning our table manners.


There will be lots of giggles this week as we read our stories 'Pants' and 'More Pants.' 

We will be learning shapes and colours as we create patterns on our pants in the craft room and we will be creating a washing line wall display to hang our pants on. 

In the role play room we will be sorting clothes to wash, dry and iron as well as doing lots of different housework! 

We will be learning where all the different toys and equipment belong and joining in our tidy up time routines.

ketchup on your cornflakes

This week we will be creating lots of surprise meals with our new silly book.

In the craft room we will be creating meals on plates using paints and a variety of craft resources and in our role play room we will be having a giant tea party with lots of different food and real food packaging.( for recognising print and logos in the environment)

We will be talking all about our own trips to the supermarket and joining in our supermarket action song.

We will be playing a circle game 'for my tea I had......' Choosing food items to  name and put on our plate.

there's a shark in the park

This week we will be listening to Shark in The Park and singing along to 1,2,3,4,5 and 5 little ducks.

We will be playing a game of I spy in our garden room and taking part in lots of rhyming and letter sounds activities.

We will be pretending to go on a picnic in the park and talking all about healthy eating.

hippo has a hat

This week we will be creating and decorating hats in the craft room and we will be playing in our little role play clothes shop.

We will be buying and selling a variety of different clothes just like the ones the animals choose to wear in our story.

We will also be practising putting on our own  clothes, fastening zips,doing up  buttons and putting on shoes.

We will be finding where our coat pegs are and learning to recognise our named picture pegs.

I Need a Wee

Our first silly story is 'I need a wee'. It's all about a little blue knitted Teddy called Alan- who can't wait to go to the toilet.

The boys and girls who have moved up into the Butterflies will be showed where our toilets are, encouraged to use the toilets and wash their own hands.

We will be making little toilet charts to encourage the children to go to the toilet and collect stickers.

We will be discussing the importance of good hygiene.


In the craft room we will be decorating little knitted Alan teddys   and in our role play room we will be exploring different scenes that are in the story such as the dolls house, a monkey tea party and a fair ground.

We also have a hairdressers salon and beauty parlour and a little monkey tea party where the boys and girls can serve cakes and pour cups of tea.

There is a variety of activities for the children to explore in our indoor garden room, including woodland duplo, our enchanted fairy garden and lots of books and jigsaw puzzles.

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