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Knights and Princesses

To finish the term we had a 'dress up' day at nursery, where the children could come in as knights and princesses.  The children enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be some of their favourite story characters.

Medieval Banquet

To end our 'knights and princesses' term we have transformed our snack room into a medieval banquet, complete with thrones, goblets, trays of food and candles, also listening to period music.  In the craft room the children have been creating bunting to decorate their banquet and later in the week they will be making their own 3-D knights.

We have had fun during our physical time, playing 'medieval olympics'.  The children have enjoyed played 'pin the tail on the dragon' 'musical statues' and 'musical corners'.

In our Finding out room the children have gone outside to collect fallen leaves, and then rubbed them onto paper to see what pattern they would find.

What a fantastic term we have had!

The Knights and Ladies of the Round Table.


This week we created knights in the craft room as well as making knights helmets.

We discussed rules at nursery and between us decided which would be good rules for us to keep.

We played a musical instrument game - listening to instructions, knowing when to play our instrument and how to play it - either softly and quietly or loud.

We also played lots of activites talking about shapes. 

The Princess and the Pea


This week we listened to the story of the princess and the pea.  We created princess beds by counting and sticking stricps of colourful paper for mattresses. We played a game with our friends, sitting on cushions to see if we could feel which one had the pea hidden underneath.


In our role play room we created a sensory snuggle sleep area with quilts, pillows, blankets, and soft toys.  We read bedtime stories and sang lullabies.  We talked about our bedtime routines and created our bed room pictures, by cutting pictures out of magazines.

This week we went on the hunt for a dragon in our adapted story- ' We're going on a dragon hunt'. We moved around the setting in a variety of ways as we pretended to go through the river (splish, splash) through the grass (swishy, swashy and through the cave-tip toe). It was lots of fun and we even came up with our own ideas of where to go to look for the dragon.

We created dragons in the craft room and made textured story board using a variety of different materials to represent the different story scenes.  We described how the different textures felt and then were able to re tell the dragon hunt using our story boards.  


Today was our pyjama fun day and we wore our pyjamas and donated money to 
crackerjacks children's 
charity, raising 109.40! Thank you to all who helped raise money for this charity.
We had lots of fun making special cards and colouring pictures for Liz,
as it was her last day at pre school 
today and we iced and decorated our own little cupcakes to take home.

We have been having fun this week creating special castles.  The children have been able to make and design castles.  They have also been making special stained glass windows from tissue paper.  

Week 1 and 2


Our first weeks of nursery have been fantastic.  The children have been introduced to our knights and princess term.  We have made lovely castle folders with different size sponges. We have even had an experiment 'silly celery' in our new Fantastic Findings Room. We have introduced to our 'WOW' cards, and all our butterflies have really impressed us with their brillant behaviour.


This week we have been re telling the story of 'The Sword and the Stone'.  The children have been dressing up as different characters and acting out the story.  In the craft room the children have been making their very own swords and shields.  The children have also been practicing tracing various lines in our Busy Lizzies room.


We have loved our first week and are looking forward to the rest of the term!!

Our new term begins on Wednesday the 4th of September.  When the children arrive back at nursery, we will be learning all about Knights, Princesses, Castles, and Dragons.  Each child will be assigned to a group; Team St. George, Team Princess Guinevere, Team Court Jesters, Team Sir Lancelot, and Team King Arthur. The children will be learning all about team work. 

Each team will have their own unique basket. We will be awarding teams points for good, clever, brave, and kind things. These points will be awarded in their baskets. The team with the most points will get a special certificates.  At the end of the term the team with the most overall points will be awarded a special prize at our Medieval banquet.  Good luck to all the teams! 

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