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peter pan

week 7

This week we will be recalling our favourite bits for Never Never Land as we make our 'Tick Tock' crocodile clocks.

We will be painting pictures of our favourite characters from the story and using the role play room to act out the story ourselves.

time to go home

This week Captain Hook and Peter Pan have a sword fight on the pirate ship.

We will be creating our own little swords and hooks to play with.

In our role play room we will be making a pirate ship to play in with the large soft play and dancing to pirate songs.

do you believe in fairies?

This week in our story we have to stop Tink from losing all her sparkle by shouting "we believe in fairies". 

We will be making our own little Tinkerbells using paints and a variety of craft materials as well as writing our own treasure maps and making pirate hats to wear. 

We will be walking the plank as we sing our new little pirates counting rhyme and we will be taking part in a pirate obstacle course.

tiger lily

This week we are playing a follow the leader game with John, Michael and the lost boys. 

We will be visiting Indian camp , where we will be making Indian headdresses to wear as well as tepees and totem poles.

mermaid lagoon

This week we will be discovering the mermaid lagoon in Never Land with Wendy Darling. 

We will be playing with the mermaids and creating mermaid tails to wear whilst singing our new little mermaid counting song. 

We will be creating mermaids using a variety of different textured shiny materials and making mermaid necklaces.

think of a happy thought

This week we will be thinking of Happy thoughts so that we can fly to Never Never Land with Peter Pan. 

We will be bottling our happy thoughts, along with some pixie dust and making ourselves a pair of wings - which we will wear to fly around the physical room. 

We are decorating flying fairy cakes and even printing pictures of ourselves for our 'we can fly' wall display. 

On Friday, as it is her Majesty The Queens birthday we will be taking a detour on our way to NeverLand and visiting Buckingham Palace so that we can sing happy birthday to the queen.

peter pan and wendy

This week we will meet the Darling family and listen  as Wendy makes up stories about Peter Pan to tell her brothers John and Michael.

We will be talking all about our own families and playing with the families in Wendy's dolls house.

Wendy meets Peter Pan as he flies through her bedroom window in search of his lost shadow.

We will be playing our 'find the shadow' game- following directions and positional language to find Peter Pans shadows and we will be creating shadows on the wall, as well as looking for shadows in the garden.

We will be drawing round our friends on giant pieces of paper to create shadow pictures, which we will then cut out and sew with a needle and thread, just like Wendy.

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