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the nativity

This week we will be performing our nativity- dressing up and learning lots of new songs. 

We will be making party hats to wear and we will be joining in with lots of party fun and games. 

We will also be awarded our special achievement certificates as well as all getting a bag of sweets 

( from the Land Of Sweets) for Christmas.

the sugar plum fairy

This week we will be listening to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker classical music and learning a few ballet moves as we do the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

We will also be creating Royal Palace calendars using a variety of different shapes and textured resources.

In our Sunshine snack room we will be making pots of sugar fairy jelly too with dancing ballerina spoons to eat it with.

the land of sweets

We will be creating lots of lovely sweet treats for Christmas this week and playing in our little role play sweet shop- counting and weighing the sweets.

We will also be making little stockings ready to hang up on Christmas Eve( that hopefully Santa will fill with sweets.

the land of snow


We will be taking a magical sleigh ride through the Land Of Snow this week and discovering all the snowy animals.

We will be creating snow scene Pictures and Christmas tree cards. We will also be making  bags of magical reindeer food ready to leave out on Christmas Eve and writing our letters to Santa  Claus.



This week in the story there will be a battle amongst the Mice and the toy soldiers.

We will be taking part in our mice battle obstacle course and making shiny swords and mice masks to wear.

We will be helping to decorate our own little Christmas trees and making decorations to take home- candy cane tail mice and pretty hearts.

In our snack room we will be making mice biscuits to bring home.

christmas eve

We will be making toy soldiers and musical boxes this week, just like the Christmas gifts given to Clara and Fritz in part two of our story.

In the story, Clara was very sad when her beloved Nutcracker doll was broken so we will be talking all about feelings and kindness this week as we play our 'pass the nutcracker' circle time game and we  joining in lots of songs and dances about different emotions. We will also be  playing in our Dolly Hospital- caring for the broken toys.

In our physical room we will be playing a music box dancer game- pretending to be wound up by a key and dancing around and around on a music box and in our nutcracker land room we will be creating little Christmas tree fairies.

the clockmaker's workshop

This week we are taking  part in the first part of our Nutcracker story and  we will be  exploring  our new Nutcracker Land theme room. There is the land of sweets with the sugar plum fairy mega block castle and jars upon jars of pretend sweets to sort, weigh and count. There is  a  Christmas  Corner with a beautiful tree decorated in the Kings Crowns, Sugar Plum Fairys and Nutcracker soldiers  as well as a sensory basket full of different Christmas decorations to explore and a basket of new Christmas Time and Winter Tales books to look at.

We are creating  nutcracker soldiers with paints and a variety of craft resources and we are also  creating  clock faces and pasta wrist watches in Mr.Drosselmeyers workshop- reciting numbers and learning to recognise numerals.

We will be  playing  in our construction workshop- designing and creating our own inventions using a large variety of different construction materials.

In the physical room we are joining in a new  a cat and mouse dancing game- taking turns to be cats and mice, moving to the music.

In our welcome room we each have  a new nutcracker picture name card to find and pop into the Christmas present box.

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