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nursery rhymes

miss polly had a dolly

This week we will be playing in our Doc McStuffin Dolly Hospital, dressing up as doctors and nurses to look after all the dolls and soft toys as well as playing with the happy land emergency services play people and vehicles. 

We will be talking all about feelings this week and dancing along to our 'Fabby Dabby Dee' c.d 


In the creative room we will be making our own little dolly to bring home, using wool, felt pieces and a variety of colourful fabrics.


Our objective this week is counting to 5 in order, as we sing along to our counting rhyme  and catch  fish using little nets.

We will also be playing with boats in the water and playing in our pirates hideout.

In the creative room we will be decorating fish shapes using a variety of paint colours and different textured materials.

old mcdonald

We will be using our little song bag this week and taking turns to choose a little farm animal for our song, as well as dancing along to Old McDonald( copying movements and animal sounds) 

We will be playing with a variety of farmyard toys including jigsaw puzzles, farmyard bingo and our duplo farm set. 

In the creative room we will be making little farm animals- pigs, cows and sheep using plastic milk bottles and in our hands on sensory room we will be exploring troughs of mud, grass seeds and straw.

twinkle twinkle little star

This week we will be exploring our space corner and dancing along to 'starlight' and 'zooming to the moon'.

We will be taking turns to explore our little dark sensory room and we will be listening to the story-'There's a Shark In The Dark'.

We will be painting stars using sponges and sticking with a variety of glittery and sparkly recourses.

big red bath

We will be joining in with our story this week- 'Splish you, Splash you...Splish, Splosh, Splash!'

And playing with bubbly water.

In the craft room we will be creating bubble pictures as well as playing in the sand.

In our role play room we will be playing in our pet corner and zoo animals- just like the animals in our story.

incy wincy spider

This week we will be exploring all the little mini beasts and garden settings using magnifying glasses and we will be having  lots of fun in the  water  as we sing along to Incy Wincy Spider.

In the painting  room we will be painting with marbles to create spider webs as well as painting little handprint spiders.

In the physical room we will be dancing along to 'how does  a caterpillar go' and copying a variety of actions to fly like a butterfly, wiggle like a worm and spin like a spider.

the Wheels on the bus

This week we will be singing along to the Wheels on the Bus and playing with a variety of transport.

We will be playing with the happy land transport, the  big red bus, the train track and the car wash and garage.

Outside in the garden we will be taking turns to drive the cars and have a go on the scooters.

In the creative room we will be sponge painting little bus shapes and painting with cars and trucks to create tracks on the paper.

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