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our favourite rhymes, continued

week 6 - fun week

This week we will be singing lots of Christmas songs as we take a ride on Santa's sleigh. We will be dancing to party tunes and playing party games as this is our final week before Christmas. We will be making little bags of reindeer food to take home as well as receiving our own little Christmas gift to take home from under the Christmas tree. Children can come wearing festive Christmas jumpers this week and help raise money for Save the Children.

week 5 - Row Row Row your boat

This week we will be joining in with our action story - rowing the boat to the jungle and meeting lots of different jungle animals. We will be playing our animal sounds game and playing in our jungle band.

week 4 - wind the bobbin up

We will be doing lots of threading this week using bobbins and coloured shapes. We will also be painting with large bobbins in the garden to create a rainbow path and we will be creating decorations to hang upon our Christmas tree.

week 3 - heads, shoulders, knees and toes

This week we will be doing lots of exercises to our Sticky Kids tunes, learning the different parts of our bodies. We will be playing our 'hands on' game, pointing to different parts of our body and creating pictures and Christmas cards by painting with our hands.

week 2 - i had a little turtle

We will be playing with sea creatures this week, bathing babies in bubbly water and painting turtle pictures using potato mashers. In the garden we will be playing with bubbles, as we join in with the words of the song - "bubble, bubble, pop!".

week 1 - wheels on the bus

This week we will be singing along to Wheels on the Bus and playing with buses, as well as a large variety of other transport with wheels. We will be creating roads with waffle construction pieces as well as playing with different shape road tracks. As it is Bonfire Night, we will be creating lots of sparkly and colourful firework pictures, as well as creating firework sounds with the musical instruments.

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