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week 8 - halloween fun week

week 7 - 1,2,3,4,5 once i caught a fish alive

We will be having fun catching fish in nets this week in our outdoor water trough as well as catching fish beanbags in our giant net and playing with our fish skittles.
In the sunshine room we will be playing with our sea creatures on our sensory tuff spot and in the creative room we will be decorating fish shapes and making salt dough rainbow fish to bring home.

week 6 - incy wincy spider

We will be playing with our spiders and mini beasts this week and using little magnifying glasses to explore the creatures and natural resources on our nature table.
We will be dancing along to our ‘spiny spider’ song and dressing up in a variety of mini beast costumes- spiders, bees, caterpillars and ladybirds.
We will be playing in the water trough- using pipes, guttering, funnels and water wheels and creating spider webs by dipping balls in paint and rolling them in a tin tray.
We will be making spider biscuits to bring home using icing and strawberry laces for legs.

week 5 - humpty dumpty sat on a wall

We will be using a large variety of construction materials to build with this week, such as wooden building blocks, duplo and Stickle bricks.

In the garden we will be playing on Bob the builders construction site and in the physical room we will be constructing with soft play.
In the creative room we will be making little Humpty Dumpty’s and using mega blocks to build in the wet sand.

week 4 - 5 currant buns

We will be making little currant buns in our role play bakery this week, creating buns with Play dough using rolling pins and cutters and even decorating our own little buns to bring home.
In the creative room we will be decorating bun and cupcake shapes by using colourful paints or sticking with glue. There will be a variety of different textured resources to choose from such as tissue paper, ribbon, fabric, buttons and pom poms .

week 3 - miss polly had a dolly

We will be looking after the dolls in our little dolly hospital this week, as well as playing in our nursery corner, where we can feed, dress and bath the baby dolls.

week 2 - old mcdonald had a farm

We will be playing with our small world farmyard this week and playing with lots of different farmyard activities and games such as farmyard bingo, farm animal puzzles and interactive farmyard toys.
In our messy room we will be playing with farm animals in our sensory bins and in the garden we will be washing all the animals in bubbly water.

week 1  - twinkle twinkle little star

This week we will be playing in our happy land space corner and discovering our sensory twinkle twinkle space table.
We will be constructing using rainbow stars and threading star beads as well as using star shape cutters to play in the dough, searching for hidden stars in our cornflour gloop and painting with star sponges.
We will be using lots of different shape sorters and puzzles to learn and find the shapes- star and diamond.

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