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hickory dickory dock

This week we will be listening to the story of the Gruffalo, all about a mouse who took a walk in the deep dark woods.
We will be playing in our woodland role play setting using all the animal story props as well as discovering our woodlands sensory trough.
In the garden we will be going on a mouse hunt to see how many little mice we can find and in our craft room we will be creating feasts in our Gruffalo kitchen. 

twinkle twinkle little star

This week we will be discovering our stars and space sensory tubs and decorating sparkly stars with paints and glitter as well as painting using our musical paintbrushes.
In our physical room we will be zooming to the moon as we dance along to our action song and we will be playing our catch a falling star beanbag game. 

humpty dumpty

We will be creating Humpty Dumpty's this week using a variety of craft materials and we will be playing with little egg shakers in our music room. We will also be building our own little walls and towers using a variety of construction materials such as wooden bricks, mega blocks and Stickle bricks. 

5 currant buns 

We will be taking turns to buy and sell cakes and buns from our little role play bakers shop this week and our craft room will be transformed into a little bakery where we will be creating buns using play dough and we will be learning to use a variety of real bakeware and kitchen utensils such as sieves, rolling pins, cake cutters, measuring jugs and mixing spoons. The children will be helping to make the play dough by mixing the flour and water themselves and they will even be decorating their own little buns to

bring home to eat. 

incey wincey spider

This week we will be playing with our drainpipes in the water trough and creating spiders in the messy room with play dough as well as painting spiders for our Incey Wincey wall display.
In the garden we will be having lots of water fun and creating sounds with water.
This week it's Disney week here at Stepping Stones and we are raising money for Crackerjacks children's charity if you would like to make a £1 donation to this worthy cause.Children may come dressed up as a Disney character or in Disney clothing if they wish.
We will be creating little music shakers by filling plastic bottles with rice, beans and pasta. If you could all bring in a small clean plastic bottle with a lid. 

old mcdonald's farm

We will be choosing farmyard this week as

animals in turn from our

we sing Old McDonalds farm and we will be having fun making all the animal sounds.

In the messy room we will be playing with the pigs in mud and sheep in the shaving foam as well as painting pictures using farm animal sponges and stampers. 

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