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Mary poppins

let's go fly a kite

This is our final part of Mary Poppins- where her job here is done and all  the practically perfect children are ready to fly off to Big School.

We are making our own kites with paper and string to fly in the garden and dancing to all the Mary Poppins tunes  as well as singing all the new songs we have learnt this term.

In the pretend play room we have been acting out the story of Mary Poppins  ourselves using all the props and costumes and writing all about our favourite bits.

chim chim cheree


This week we are  pretending to be chimney sweeps dancing on the roof tops to the song 'Step In Time'.

We will be having  lots of fun painting with our bucket full of brushes- from small toothbrushes and nail brushes to garden brushes, using black sooty powder paint . in the garden we are having  fun doing a chimney sweep obstacle course- going down the chimney and over the rooftops .

We will also be  creating  rooftop sillohette pictures using watery paint- which we are  adding  to our wall display.

In the snack room  we will be  making  little chimney sweeps sweets to take home using chocolate covered marshmallows on sticks.

feed the birds

This week in our story Jane and Michael take a trip to  the bank with their Daddy- so we will be playing in our own little bank, sorting and counting different coins.

We will be making little bird cakes to take  home to feed the birds, painting bird pictures and making little snow globes with pictures of St.Pauls cathedral on the front- as that is where the bird woman sits to sell her bags of bird food in our story.

We will be creating St.Pauls cathedral as well as lots of other landmarks in London in Busy Lizzies room, where We  will be looking at a variety of pictures, maps and photographs before we make our own creations and maps.

We will also be playing with our London small world setting with a variety of buildings and transport  including a London bus.


In our physical room this week we will be dancing with birds on sticks to the tune 'feed the birds' and we will all be given a bird spotting sheet to take home to see how many birds we can it in our garden.



What a fun week we are having this week as we go on a jolly holiday with Mary Poppins and Bert- as we jump through pavement pictures, have tea in the park and take a ride on a merry go round.

In the craft room we are creating pavement pictures using pastels and chalks, as well as painting pictures of penguins and creating pretty merry go round horses.

We are even creating real pavement pictures by painting places we'd like to visit on little paved stones- some of which we will be displaying in our garden.

In the pretend play room , we are having tea, cakes and raspberry ice cream, served by penguin waiters and learning a penguin dance as well as taking turns on our merry go round.

In the garden we are having horse races to see who can be first to cross the finishing line .

We are also learning a new word- Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and making  up our own new wonderful words.

i love to laugh

This week the children will be telling jokes and making their friends laugh as we have a pretend tea party on the ceiling with Uncle Albert, Mary Poppins and Bert.

We will be talking all about feelings- things that make us happy and things that make us sad and singing songs about feelings as well as dancing to our fabby  dabby dee emotions c.d.

In the craft room we will be designing hats using paints, materials, ribbon, flowers and buttons.

We will be talking about families- looking at pictures of Mr.Banks- Jane and Michaels Daddy and drawing pictures of our own Daddy or Grandads for our Fathers Day cards.

A spoonful of sugar

This week we will be listening to the second part of our story, where Mary and the children help to tidy up the nursery. We will be learning to tidy away our toys and certificates will be awarded to all of the helpful boys and girls. We will be playing 'what's inside the carpet bag?' games at cirle time - discovering different letters and sounds activities. In the craft room, we will be creating our own carpet bags using pretty ribbon and lots of different fabrics. We will also be making spoonfuls of sugar, decorating wooden and plastic spoons with sparkly resources.In the snack room, we will be making real spoonfuls of sugar using chocolate, coloured icing sugar and lots of pretty sweets. We will be measuring ourselves this week and writing all the things we are good at on our little tape measures. At the top of the tape measure, we will be writing a special aim of something that we would like to learn to be good at this term.

jane and micheal banks

This week we will be telling part one of our story where

Jane and Michael Banks write a letter for a new nanny.

"She must be kind and must be witty, very sweet and fairly pretty,

Take us on outings,give us treats, sing songs, bring sweets............."


The boys and girls will be writing their own letters- using descriptive language to describe their perfect nanny and write about all the fun things they would like to do with her.

We will be singing  our 5 little Nanny's  counting rhyme using umbrellas and painting pictures of Mary Poppins for our Welcome Room wall display.

We will be making little talking  umbrellas and playing a 'catch a ball' game with umbrellas in the garden.

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