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Ariel and prince eric's wedding

This is the final part of our little mermaid story- where Eric and Ariel get married and live happily ever after, with the blessing of King Triton.

This week we will be making King Triton crowns and we will be taking part in a special presentation ceremony- where we will sit on Triton's crown and receive clever clam certificates for all our special achievements this term.

We will be decorating  little clam biscuits to take home as well as creating sea creatures using sand, dough and play floam.

We will be having a special wedding banquet in our role play room, taking part in wedding dances and creating our own little story books, to recall and re tell 'The Little Mermaid'.

Kiss the girl

This week in the story, the boys and girls will all be taking part, playing musical instrument to Eric and Ariels romantic moonlit boat trip. We will be making our own little oceans in a bottle - which we filled with water, mermaid treasures, shells and sea creatures! In the craft room they are making a variety of 2D and 3D sea creatures - crabs, turtles, jellyfish, sea horses etc, choosing what they want to make and how they wish to make it. They will be playing in Eric's Role Play palace and creating culinary dishes in our sea restaurant. We will be learning lots of alliteration - seaweed soup, crunchy crab cake and lobster linguine as well as trying to come up with our own names for tasty treats.

all i want is your voice

This week Ariel meets the sea witch and gives Ursula her voice in exchange for being turned into a human. We will be pretending to give our voices to the witch by recording our voices and then capturing our words inside a little sea shell pendant that we will be making as well as mixing magic potions and spells in Ursulas under water cave - filling up tiny bottles and containers with coloured liquids and secret ingredients. We will be taking a look at ourselves in mirrors and then drawing pictures of ourselves on little mermaid mirrors and making little seashell bracelets to give to our Mums or Grandmas on Mothers' Day. Out in the garden, we will be counting the correct numbers of fish and matching them to the numbered fishing nets (1-10) and exploring real fish in the water trough - exploring the patterns on the scales, their gills, fins and sharp teeth. We will be creating pictures of Ursulas sea ells alled Flotsam and Jetsam and using these to sing our new verse of our 'in the sea' song and in the physical room we will be taking part in an underwater obstacle course - crawling through a giant fishing net and throwing starfish into buckets.

part of your world

This week in our story Ariel rescues Prince Eric and falls in love with him. She wishes she could walk, run and be part of his world. We will be playing our human legs game - thinking of lots of different actions we can do using our legs such as streching, bending and balancing and we will be talking all about exercise and how it is good for our bodies. In the craft room we are making mermaid collage pictures using a variety of different resources as well as making our own mermaid tails to wear. We will be practising using the scissors as we cut out little fishes to float in our water trough and outdoors (on land) we will be taking part in a sandcastle building challenge.

whosits and wotsits galore!

This week in our story Ariel took  all her human objects to Scuttle the seagull to find out what they were.

We had fun exploring our treasure box of objects- such as a garlic crush, a candle holder, and a spirit level. We found out what the objects were called and what they were used for- but had lots of fun making up silly names for the objects( just like Scuttle did when he called a fork a dingle hopper)

We painted pictures of Sebastian the lobster using orange paint mixed with pasta and split peas and lentils- to create a crispy hard shell.

 We also took  part in a sand weighing activity. We  filled little Sebastian character bottles with sand, using a funnel and a scoop and then emptied the sand onto scales to find out which bottle had the most sand in it.

We played in the water trough with a variety of new discovery toys, such as swim along turtles and little mermaids whose tails changed colour in hot and cold water.

We sang the second part of our little song- little fishes and laughing lobsters in the sea.

King triton's choir

This week we will be listening and joining in with the first part of our story, where we will be playing music and singing in King Triton's choir. We will be exploring our new under the sea room and playing a rhyming game - matching sea creatures to different instruments, such as the carp plays the harp and the newt plays the flute. We will be joining in our wavy water dance, dancing to 'under the sea' using ribbons and voiles. In the craft room we will be decorating pre cut fish shapes as well as painting our own fish and using our sea life play dough mats (rolling dough into sausage shapes to create octopus legs and little balls for fish bubbles). In the garden we will be taking part in a float or sink experiment - predicting which objects in our bucket would sink, float or disintegrate. We have a new rock pool to explore, but not all the rocks are real - so we will be squirting vinegar on the rocks to magically dissolve them and find sea creatures hidden inside. We will also be exploring our sensory Mermaid lagoon and Ariel's treasure chest.

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