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fun in the sun

This week we will be playing in our role play ice cream parlour as well as creating sensory ice cream in the craft room using shaving foam and colourful water beads and making delicious beach cocktails to bring home. 

We will be exploring the beach and searching for shells as well as playing in our outdoor rock pool and going fishing in our cardboard box boat.

at the travel agents

We will be looking at lots of different countries around the world as we play in our little role play travel agents and we will be creating little tickets using stampers ready to board our aeroplane ride. 

We will be playing a suitcase packing game and talking about all the items we need to pack for our holidays. 

We will also have a Disneyland reading corner with all our Disney soft toy characters and dolls and looking at all our favourite Disney story books.

fun at the beach

We will be taking a trip to the seaside this week and creating flags for our sand castles as well as enjoying lots of fun at the fairground. 

We will be creating colourful amusement arcade sensory bottles which we will be filling with lucky trinkets, dice and golden coins and playing our penny slot posting game. 

We will also be making little fun fair elephant faces out of balloons to bring home and playing elephant turn taking games with our friends.

let's go camping

This week we will be packing our little rucksacks and going on a pretend camping trip in the role play room, where we will be playing in the tent and singing around our little campfire as we play musical instruments. 

We will be making marshmallow lollipops on sticks to bring home, searching for mini beasts in the garden as well as popping on our wellies to go out stomping in the paint to print our footprints.


This week we will be going on our holidays by bus, by car and by aeroplane and we will be playing with a variety of different transport.

In the craft room we will be mark making using cars and playing with boats in the water trough and in our role play room we will be playing with the train set.

We will also be making our own little passports and would really appreciate it if you could bring in a photo of your child this week so that they can look for and recognise their own picture.

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