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Butterfly Group- Gruffalo

Week 4

This is the final week of our much loved Gruffalo story and we will eg going on a Gruffalo hunt around the setting- moving in a variety of ways as we  splash through the lake, trip over the logs, fly through the treetops and tip toe into the Gruffalos cave.

The children will get painting their own imaginary creatures in the craft room and using the computer to play switch zoo( mixing and matching different animals)

They will be  drawing Gruffalo pictures and remembering some of the words used in the story to describe the Gruffalo as well as creating creatures from the story using play dough.

They will be using our new threading letters to thread the words of the creatures onto coloured laces- owl, snake, fox and mouse, as well as having a go at threading their own names.

We will be sorting the snakes logs into sizes from the shortest to the longest and playing with our new tactile animal boards.

In the role play room we have lots of different soft toy and plastic animals from different environments to play with, such as pets, jungle animals, arctic animals and farm animals.

In the garden we will be creating dens using material and also creating vegetable soup in our outdoor kitchen.


What a lot of fun the Gruffalo term has been!


Week 3

This week we performed our Amazing a Gruffalo play.

In the garden we had fun in our Gruffalo restaurant- creating scrambled snake, owl ice cream and lots of other imaginary dishes and we even had a restaurant in the  role play room.

We had menus with 3  courses for the diners to choose from - which the children  served , dressed as waiters and waitresses.

We created paper bag Gruffalos and woodland collage pictures in the craft room and also made our own little Gruffalo crumble to take home. We broke chocolate  into pieces and melted it in the microwave and then   topped it with crumble- which we made by smashing up digestive biscuits with a rolling pin.

We also took part in a sink or float experiment- collecting different resources and predicting whether they would sink or float in the water.

Week 2

This week we created Gruffalo models using play dough and a variety of craft resources.  We collected natural objects in the garden-leaves, twigs a bits of bark to create our own nature bracelets.

We also had fun playing with musical instruments-creating quiet mouse and loud Gruffalo sounds.

Week 1

This week we listened to the first part of the Gruffalo story. We were put into groups-mice, fox, owl and snake so that when it was our turn in the story we could learn and copy the refrains ready for perofrming the gruffalo play.

We explored our new woodland room- which was amazing.

There was a woodland tea party so that we could have tea with little brown mouse and Gruffalo, a gruffalo cave, a trough full of logs and leaves to rummage through to find matching sounds Gruffalo picture cards, and a basket of sorting pebbles  There was also a story telling area set out with a log pile house and a lake with all the story characters (so that we could re tell the story ourselves).  There were also a lot of natural objects to explore, such as leaves, logs, bark, and pine cones.

We even had our very own fir tree growing in a pot as well as a willow basket of herbs which we are to water and care for.

We made character masks and had a go at using the scissors to cut these out and also designed posters to display for our Gruffalo play.

In the craft room we painted pcitures of the Gruffalo-from listening to the description given to us as well as painting other characters from the story.

OUtodors in the garden, we had lots of fun making our own outdoor paintbrushes using willow, branches and twigs tied together with string which we then used to pain on big rolls of paper. 

In our role play room we had a little performance stage where we could sing, dance, perform a little puppet show or play a variety of musical instruments.

Wow-What an exciting and busy week we have had!!!!

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