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Love is an open door

This is our last week before we break up for Christmas so it's party week. The children are dressing up, party dancing and playing party games, such as 'musical frozen statues'.

The boys and girls  are decorating crowns to wear whilst enjoying their party food at snack time and they are all  taking  part in our coronation day- being crowned on Elsa's throne and being presented with their very special ice master medal.

The role play room is set up as a nativity so that they can  act out the story of baby Jesus and they are all making  very special 'frozen' Christingles to remember the love of baby Jesus.

Goodnight - don't let the frostbite bite

This week we took a reindeer ride to the North Pole, singing Christmas songs and playing our sleigh bells. We painted reindeer pictures and made assorted reindeer tree decorations throughout the week. We made our little bags of reindeer food to leave out on Christmas Eve as well as wrapping carrots to feed the reindeer.

do you want to build a snowman?

This week was 'snowman' week. We created our own Snowman Christmas cards, made bottle snowmen (by filling clear plastic bottles with cotton wool balls) and played Olafs snowball games in the garden. We made frozen themed sweets and treats, including marshmallow Olafs and sang 'I'm a little snowman'. We also played with ice cubes and jelly cubes to create Elsa's ice mountain. On Friday we wore Christmas jumpers to raise money for 'Save the Children'.

The past is in the past!

This week we are listening to  the story of the little fir tree and we will be putting our fir trees out in the garden, along with our little Norwegian gnomes that we will be creating.

We will be learning all about the little gnomes in Norway and creating Norwegian gnomes to hang  on the tree as well as traditional straw decorations and Elsa tree toppers.

In our frozen room we will be decorating Elsa's, Anna's and Olaf's trees- exploring the baskets of tree decorations and correctly selecting the correct colour  decorations to put on  each tree( blue for Elsa, white for  Olaf  and purple for Anna)    

We will be decorating  Elsa's magic  gloves to hang out for Santa Claus, to fill with sweets and treats on Christmas Eve.

We will be writing our letters to Santa and popping them inside our gloves.


In the role play room we will  be joining in Olafs frozen Summer  Fun tea party  and we will be playing a 'pass Olafs  bag 'game- taking out story characters and making up our a line to our  own little frozen story.

frozen fractals all around

This week we have been having fun playing with our frozen ice fractals containing food colouring and glitter- helping it to melt using warm water and then separating the water from the ice using pipettes, basters and funnels.

We created hearts for our calendars by marble painting (putting drops of paint into water and then dropping our paper hearts on the water to catch the beautiful patterns).


We created snowmen fairy light decorations using milk bottles and played with the shaving foam.

In our Frozen room we played with our new frozen jigsaw, our frozen lotto game and we also played a circle game using Olafs game sack,

We sorted Olafs snowballs into the different sizes- estimating and counting to find which size we had the most of and which we had the least of.

In Busy Lizzies room we created our own Frozen super hero stories- drawing pictures of our favourite Superheroes and thinking of ways they could rescue Elsa from the top of the ice mountain. We even constructed our own ice mountains using large boxes and building blocks.


Come on let's go and play!

This week we played lots of sharing and turn taking games with our friends- Olaf the snowman  snap, snowflake dominoes , as well as playing ball and beanbag games in the physical room and garden.

We built Elsa's ice castles using white plastic cups and created glitter snowstorm bottles with our favourite frozen character on the front.

In the craft room we painted with frozen paint on lolly sticks ,which was lots of fun as well as blowing paint snow storms through straws.

We also decorated pretty snowflakes with sequins, gems and glitter to hang in our frozen room.


let it go

This week the boys and girls will be exploring their new frozen theme room - playing with all the new frozen toys, colouring pictures on their favourite characters and playing in the snow. They will be making Elsa's frozen magic hands by filling gloves with water to freeze, as well as precious gems and lots of sparkly stuff. This is as well as making Elsa's pretty snowflake necklaces to wear by threading tiny beads. They will be dancing to 'Let it Go' using lengths of shimmery ribbon and tinsel to create magic in the air. In the craft room, they will be playing with the shaving foam, the snowflake playdough and painting pictures of Olaf the Snowman. In the garden we are creating rock trolls by painting rocks and sticking a variety of natural resources collected in the garden. We are also learning a new song called '5 Little Olafs' and playing a number game by counting jewels on Elsa's gloves and finding the matching pair by number recognition.

Wow - what a busy week!

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