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good manners

This week we will be learning all about manners, learning our makaton signing 'please and thank you' song and writing thank you letters for someone special in our lives. 

We will be playing in our role play flower shop and creating bouquet pictures in our craft room, using paints and a variety of collage materials. 

In our troll room, we will be making singing flowers and making up our own little songs 


Bucket sorting activity- estimating, counting and finding the bucket with the most and the least number of items inside.

people who care and help us

We will be talking all about different occupations this week as we learn all about people in the community who help us- such as the lollipop man who helps us cross the road, the doctor who makes us feel better and the emergency services. 

We have had a classroom vote and the role play area is going to be a road with cars, a zebra crossing and traffic lights. 

We will be talking all about road safety and the children will be taking it in turns to be the lollipop man or woman. 

Bucket sorting activity- sizes.


We will be learning to care for animals in our pet vets this week and talking all about our pets and how we can help look after them. 

Please bring in photographs of your pets to share with us. 

We will be having a collection bucket which we will be filling with animal treats to donate to the animal shelter. 

Bucket sorting activity- different textures.

our families

This week we will be learning all about our families and our friends families and talking about who we live with as we create our family trees and paint pictures of our families. We will be talking about the things we can do to show our family members how much we love them. 

We will be talking all about the helpful things our families do and we will be creating a list of chores that we can help with at home.In the garden we will be using buckets full of bubbly water to wash the cars in our role play 'car wash'. 

Bucket sorting activity- letter sounds.

our friends

This week we will be creating friendship bracelets to give to a friend and taking part in circle time games where we will learn all our friends names and find out what each of our friends like to do that make them feel happy. 

We will be playing lots of happy turn taking games with our friends and also filling buckets with 'bucket filling' and 'bucket dipping' words( learning about actions that are kind and actions that may make others feel sad).

have you filled a bucket today?

This week will be learning our new bucket filling song and learning what becoming a bucket filler is all about.We will be talking all about ourselves in positive terms and creating our own bucket list of things we would like to do over the next few weeks. We will be sharing baby photos with our friends and talking all about all the things we can do now that we are bigger. 

We will be growing our own little troll heads to bring home, using grass seeds so that we can water them and watch them grow and designing our own Poppy cupcakes. 

We will be sorting different shapes into our buckets and decorating shoe boxes for our 'what's In the box' home link. 

We will also be decorating our own little buckets ready to fill to the to 

With colourful Pom poms each time we are kind, share, do something good or try our best.

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