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favourite stories

come to tea on planet zum zee

This week we will be putting on our space boots and zooming to the moon.

We will be having a pretend tea party in the role play room and in our messy room we will be decorating imaginary pizza slices and wibbly  wobbly jellies.

The rooms have all been changed so the caterpillars and sunshines will be joining together and accessing all the downstairs rooms.

i don't like peas

This week we are listening to the funny story about Daisy who doesn't like peas.

We will be shopping for vegetables in Tescos and eating food at Daisy's Dinner Table.

In the craft room we will be sticking pictures using split peas, lentils and pasta.

In the physical room we will be taking part in a runner bean obstacle course, dancing to our Supermarket song and learning a new action song'5 pod peas'.

the very hungry caterpillar

This week we will be listening to the story of the caterpillar and learning all about a caterpillars life cycle. 

We will be talking about food that is good for us and shopping in Tescos for real fruit and vegetables as well as using these to paint with in the craft room. 

In our role play room we will be playing in our little flower shop- wrapping and selling flowers.


This week we will be having tea with the Gruffalo in the role play room and playing with all the story characters- mouse, owl, fox and snake.

In the messy room we will be playing in our Gruffalo restaurant creating silly dishes of food such as scrambled snake and owl ice cream.

pass the jam jim

This week we are listening to a story all about a giant birthday spread with lots of delicious party food.

We will be writing shopping lists to buy party food from Tescos and in the role play room we will be enjoying a pretend birthday tea party with jelly, cakes and lots of yummy food.

In the craft room we will be playing with pasts, playdough and sponge painting on party paper plates as well as gluing and sticking birthday wrapping paper.

shark in the park

This week we are reading  all about a boy who takes a look through his telescope whilst on his trip to the park.

We will be creating our own little telescopes and going shopping in Tescos to buy food for our role play picnic in the park. We will be taking our telescopes out into our new garden to see what we can find and we will be talking all about our own trips to  the park.

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