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Caterpillar Group


"Run run as fast as you can. you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!"


This week the caterpillar group listened and joined in with the story of the gingerbread


man. they created gingerbread men in the craft room, using paint, glue and glitter- and


they decorated real gingerbread men biscuits to take home.


In the role play room they played in the bakers kitchen, using a variety of real kitchen


bakeware, such as sieves, baking trays, mixing bowls and gingerbread men cutters.


We learnt a new song this week. it went like this:-


5 gingerbread men standing in a line,


1,2,3,4,5 so fine,


One ran away as fast as can be,


How many ginger bread men can you see?

Snow White

This week the children listened to the story of Snow White.  They played a 'mirror mirror on the wall' circle time game, passing a mirror around to look into and talked about what they looked like, both their differences and similarities.


The children also painted portraits of themselves and played in the mine, panning for dimonds and precious stones in the sand trough, using our  garden riddle.

They wore dwarf hats to sing to our counting song.

'5 little dwarves standing in a line,

Dig, dig, dig, dig in the mine.

1 found a diamond, nice and bright.

Off he went to show snow white.'

Sleeping Beauty

This week the children learnt a new song- 'There was a princess long ago.' this told the story of sleeping beauty who feel to sleep for a hundred years and was woken up by the handsome prince.  The children joined in with the actions to the song and played along with musical instraments.

The children made sleeping beauty castle shakers, tiaras, crowns and swords. In the garden they wove bright couloured ribbons onto our bumble bee weaving frame and danced around our sleeping beauty ribbon castle, whilst a child was chosen to be sleeping beauty. 

This week we listened to the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears.  We made wooden spoon Goldilocks puppets and played with the 3 bears oaty porridge dough.  We had a teddy bears picnic in our once up a time theme room and painted bears in three differe sizes

Today was our pyjama fun day and we wore our pyjamas and donated money to 
crackerjacks children's 
charity. We raised 109.40 pounds!! Well done, and Thank you to all!
We had lots of fun making special cards and colouring pictures for Liz,
as it was her last day at pre school 
today and we iced and decorated our own little cupcakes to take home.
This week we have been painting billy goats in different sizes-
learning which were big and small and we 
have been plating grass seeds to grow little meadows for the billy goats.
We put our pots of seeds in the windowsill so that we could water
them and watch them grow.
We listened and took part in the story of the billy goats gruff-
pretending to be the goats going over the bridge 
from one side of the river to the other by trip trapping over
 the musical stepping stones and going down the 
slide. we were introduced to new positional language- over and under.

We have had some real fish from the fishmongers at Tescos that we could look at and 
talk about- noticing 
the features on the fish and finding out what they felt like to touch.
( of course this was highly supervised and 
children's hands were washed thoroughly afterward.)
This was a great topic for discussion and learning for the children

Week 1 and 2



The caterpillar's main objective this term is to introduce lots of new and exciting sensory experience.  This week the children have been playing in porridge 'goo'.  By using various size cups they have been able to mold and create their own castles.  The children have been having lots of fun all week, and many have received 'WOW' cards for great behaviour.

When the children arrive back at nursery, the caterpillar group will be learning all about classic stories in our 'Once Upon a Time..' theme.  Please see our newsletter for more information.  We are busy over the summer transforming our themed room into a fairytale room.  Children will be able to dress up and act out their favourite stories.

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