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Dr. Seuss Stories

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

This week has been the final week of our Dr.Seuss story topic.  We finished with the book, 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish.

We joined in lots of fishy counting activities and painted handprint fish bowls.  In our role play room we had an under teh sea corner where we explored all the different sea creatures.  We also created our own under the sea collage pictures on biubble wrap. 


What a lot of fun we have had this term!

The Foot Book

This week we listened to the story- The Foot Book.

We took part in lots of matching, sizing and counting activities such as putting pairs of shoes on the caterpillar, matching different feet to animals and looking at different feet in our families-as we made our own special foot book.


We explored our pecial new sensory tuff spot in the finding out room, baked cake and pastries in our role play kitchen and in the garden we played FOOT ball!

Hop on Pop

This week the children are listening to the story 'hop on pop'-a silly rhyming book.  They are playing a hop on pop  game, where they will not only be learning to hop on pop, but also jump on pop, to balnace on 1 leg on pop, to crouch down small and to touch their toys on pop.

In the craft room they will be painting pictures of pop and searching through the sand to find hidden picture words that rhyme.  They will also be plaing with the yellow play dough-making lots of silly creations, like in the story.

They will be learning a new song about their bodies (which we made up) and this can be viewed on the song page.

We also took part in our new squiggle while you wiggle exercise/mark making activity which was lots of fun!!!

'Ten Apples Up on Top'

This week we listened to the Dr. Seuss story called 10 apples up on top.  We took part in lots of different fun counting activities-sharing real apples with our friends, buying and selling fruit in the grocers shop and estimating which of the sotry characters had the most apples balanced on their heads.  We used mathematical language such as more and less and then counted the apples exactly to see if we were correct. We also made apple bracelets-counting and threading little red beads.

We played beanbag balancing games and tried to see just how many beanbags we could balance up on top of our heads, as well as balancing beanbags on other parts of our bodies such as our feet and our shoulders.

We talked about healthy eating as we played in our green grocers and learnt a new fruits song which can be found on our song page.

'In a People House'

The butterfly group had fun this week using a variety of different materials and construction to create houses. They talked about all the different shapes they were using and learnt a new song about shapes which can be seen on our song page.

They also drew pictures of their own homes and talked about who lived in their house. They played a game- finding different furniture and household objects and putting it in the correct room of the dolls house.

'Mr.Brown can Moo, can You?'

This 1/2 term we are listening to a lot of dr. Seuss stories, learning lots of rhyming words and taking part in lots of fun activities linked to these crazy and funny stories.  Our first story is, 'Mr. Brown can Moo, Can you?'

We had a go at making lots of different silly sounds, as well as creating sound bags, which we filled with a variety of different things, such as; pasta, bottle tops, rice, and sweet wrappers to create different silly sounds.

We created our Dr. Seuss art folders to put all our lovely craft work and pictures inside.  We also painted cat in the hat pictures to display in our welcome room.

Dont forget to check out our reading challenge and join in this fun activity at home to see how many books the butterflies can read this half term.


The butterflies have also been put into teams again this half term.

'Team Cat in the Hat', 'Team Fox in Socks', 'Team Sam I Am'  'Team Mr. Brown' and 'Team Lorax'.  Children will be awarded Things 1 and Thing 2 tokens for good behaviour and for doing something good, which they will put intotheir teams baskets.  we will count up the tokens at the end of each week to find out which team have won.

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