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down in the jungle

giraffes can't dance

This week we will be dancing and playing musical instruments as we listen to the story all about Gerald the giraffe.

We will be playing with cooked pasta, cornflour and sand foam and making rain shakers with bottles and rice.

over in the grasslands

This week we are learning all about lions. We will be decorating little lion biscuits to bring home as well as growing our own little grass lands from seeds and painting lion pictures.

elmer the elephant

This week we will be decorating Elmer the elephant shapes as well as creating patchwork Elmers using milk bottles and squares of coloured tissue paper. 

We will be taking part in lots of activities to help us learn our colours including playing in coloured rice and learning our new rainbow song.

animal boogie

This week we will be creating little rain shakers so that we can play them as we sing and dance along to The Animal Boogie. 


We will be having a animal picnic in the role play room and discovering lots of insects on our woodland table. 

In the physical room we will be dancing to the animal boogie cd and learning to move in a variety of ways- such as leaping like a leopard, flapping like a bird and stomping like an elephant.

monkey puzzle

This week we will be monkeying around at nursery- dancing to funky monkey and painting monkey pictures. 

We will be playing a feed the monkey game( counting the correct number of bananas to feed the different numbered hungry monkeys) and playing in our sensory oats and beans monkey tuff spots. 

We will also be creating little growing jungles in a bottle to bring home and playing in our role play greengrocers shop.

where's my mummy?

This week we will be listening to a story about a baby croc who went searching for his mummy. 

We will be weaving different textures onto our crocodile shapes, playing a jungle animal matching pattern game and playing in our gelatine crocodile swamp.


walking through the jungle - what do you see?

This week we will be singing along to our jungle story, discovering lots of animals and creating animal sounds.

We will be playing in our play dough vegetable jungle and making animal imprints in salt dough as well as discovering our Jungle animal music basket.

We will be practicing using the scissors to cut our sheets of long jungle paper grass, to reveal the hidden jungle animals underneath- I wonder what it could be!

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