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down in the jungle - continued

walking through the jungle

This week we will be raising money for Barnados as we search around the rooms and gardens to find jungle animals in our toddle waddle. 


We will be joining in our jungle tea party and decorating cakes and biscuits to bring home.

5 little speckled frogs

We will be making our own little frogs this week out of paper plates and we will be singing along to our 5 little speckled frogs song. 

We will be playing in the water and looking to see if we can find the frogs that live in our garden.

tigers and zebras

This week we will be exploring patterns. In the craft room we will be using rollers to paint stripes as well as using wax crayons to do pattern rubbings. 

In the role play room, we have a jungle dress up corner so that the children can select different

animal costumes and tabards to wear.


This week we will be playing with hippos in the mud, painting hippos and listening to a story called 'Hippo has a hat'. 

In our role play room we will have a clothes shop, where we will be selling hats and clothes- just like in our story.


This week we will be learning our colours- playing with a variety of different coloured construction pieces to create towers and learning colours as we use shape sorters and colours jigsaw puzzles. 

We will be creating colourful parrot Father's Day cards, using our hands to paint multi coloured feathers and we will be playing in our trough of multi colours rice and exploring salt dough and clay. 

We will all be selecting a jungle animal shape cutter to create a clay animal to take home for our Dads or Grandads. 

In our jungle room we will be playing with a variety of musical instruments in our noisy parrot band.


This week we will be creating snakes using cooked spaghetti and bubble wrap covered rolling pins. 

We will also be having a go at creating paper chain snakes. 

We are listening to the story- 'Supermarket zoo' and in our role play room we will be playing in our own little Supermarket zoo, shopping for a variety of different jungle animals. 

We will be also be dancing along to our supermarket song.

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