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Discovering africa


This week the children are listening to the story of Elmer the elephant and learning their colours. They are learning how to use makaton sign language to sign all the colours as they sing along to our rainbow song. We will be decorating our own little Elmers, either with paints or by sticking on assorted craft materials.


We are also learning the names of shapes as we look through our African shape book and we are creating an African wall hanging, that will be decorated in different shapes. In the coloured salt trough, we will be hunting for hidden shapes and we will be looking for lots of shape in the environment.

Animal boogie

This week we are joining in with our story 'animal boogie', joining in singing, copying actions and playing instruments. We are going on a pretend safari - looking through our binoculars and finding all the different animals from the descriptive clues we are given and following our 'going on safari' counting book (learning Swahili names of animals and numbers).

In the craft room we are creating African fabric patterns using a variety of different tools and techniques to create patterns and we will also be decorating 'animal boogie' buns to take home.

The Jungle run

This week we are listening to the story 'The Jungle Run' about all the jungle animals who did an obstacle course through the jungle. We are taking part in our own little jungle obstacle course and also taking part in running races - with cakes and juice at the finish line. We will be sorting and sequencing the jungle animal pasta shapes and threading them onto string. In the craft room, we are creating African necklaces.

Handa's surprise

This week our story is Handa's Surprise. In the craft room we are creating baskets out of clay, as well as painting pictures of Handa's basket full of all the delicious juicy fruits. In our role play room we are playing in our greengrocers shop with real fruit and vegetables to explore. We are even making our own little yummy meringue baskets of chopped and sliced pieces of fruit, to take home and eat. In Busy Lizzies room, we will be playing lots of counting games including counting fruit into baskets and matching the correct quantity to the numbers.

Kapiti Plain

This week we are listening to the story, 'Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain'. We will be joining in with the story using props and musical instruments and then we will be growing our own little grass seed plains for the African animals.

Handa's hen

We are listening to the counting story - Handa's hen  - and creating pictures of the animals in our story for our number frieze. We are creating little mud huts in the garden using mud, straw and sticks. We will be playing with all the Bob the Builder construction toys in the role play room.

Walking through the jungle

The Butterfly group will be having lots of fun exploring our new jungle room this week. They will also be playing jungle animal croquet in the garden and painting lovely giraffes for our wall display. For our African project this week we will be making drums and exploring lots of musical instruments.

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