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harry and the dinosaurs go to school

Week 6- This week we are listening to the story 'Harry and the dinosaurs go to school'. 

We will be doing lots of Mark making in our little classroom area and looking for / using lots of letters, e.g foam letters hidden in the sensory trough, spaghetti letters to spoon into bowls, using play dough letter cutters- as well as magnetic letters we can arrange on the easel and sponge letters we can print with. 

Through our play activities, we will be teaching the children the sounds of the letters.

captain flynn and the pirate dinosaurs

Week 5- We will be creating dinosaur eggs this week and playing an exciting nest building game as well as joining in our dinosaur egg and spoon race and creating nest cakes with dinosaur eggs to bring home. 

We will also be listening to a story called ' Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs' and in our role play room we will be dressing up as pirates for our sea adventures.

dinosaurs in the supermarket

Week 4- This week we will be playing in our Role Play supermarket and listening to the story- 'Dinosaurs In The Supermarket'. 

We will be buying real fruit and vegetables which we will use to paint with in the craft room and we will be looking for dinosaurs hidden in the mini boxes of cereals.


Week 3- We will become great dinosaur explorers this week as we create fossils and search in the sand for dinosaurs as well as taking part in our ice age melting experiment. 

We will be learning to use a variety of new tools such as plastic tweezers and brushes in our dinosaur excavation and pipettes and basters to melt our ice.

stomp dinosaur stomp

Week 2- This week we will be listening to the story 'Stomp Dinosaur Stomp' and we will be taking part in our own dinosaur stomp, moving around like dinosaurs in the physical room. 

We will be stomping the dinosaurs through the paints to create dinosaur footprints and playing in our dinosaur jelly swamp.

harry and the bucket full of dinosaurs.

This week the boys and girls will be decorating shoeboxes to bring home for our 'what's in the box' home link to encourage children's development in communication . 


The story we will be reading this week is 'Harry and The Bucket full of Dinosaurs' and we will be learning the names of the dinosaurs as we wash the dinosaurs in bubbly water, just like Harry and play with dinosaurs in the mud. 

We will be exploring our new 'Dinosaur ' theme room , where we can sit and look at dinosaur books in our dinosaur den, explore the tabletop of different dinosaurs and have a go at dinosaur dinosaur puzzles..

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