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week 8

week 7

We will be going on a dinosaur hunt this week and take part in lots of fun physical activities such as our Jurassic obstacle course, throwing Dino eggs into a giant net, walking on dinosaur stilts, playing dinosaur skittles and taking part in a running race to see who is the fastest ormithomimid .

We will all be awarded a special dinosaur certificate this week for something we have achieved this half term.

week 6 

We will be having lots of messy fun this week as we play in lots of different dinosaur sensory bins in the garden and we will be working together in little groups to create giant dinosaurs on the ground using a variety of fabrics, natural resources and an assortment of different textured materials.
We will also be creating a little colourful triceratops cupcake to bring home.

week 5 

Our story this week is called how to grow a dinosaur and this week, just like the boy in our story we will be growing our own little Jurassic jungle in a bottle to bring home.
If you could all bring in a large clean plastic bottle for this project please.

week 4 

We will be painting little dinosaur eggs this week and having lots of fun playing counting games as we put the spikes on the dinosaurs and play our hatch and match game.

week 3 

We are going to be tapping out syllables to all the different dinosaur names this week as we listen to the story of Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs and we will be learning all the dinosaurs names as we fill the buckets with dinosaurs and sort them by type.
We will be learning lots of new adjectives too as we describe the different dinosaurs.
In the creative room we will be painting our favourite dinosaurs.

week 2 

We will be creating dinosaur fossils this week and painting with dinosaurs- stomping them across the paper to create footprints.
We will be learning a new dinosaur song and joining in with fun dinosaur dough disco sessions.

week 1

This week we will be getting to know all the children and they will be making their own nameosaurus dinosaur for our new welcome room wall display.

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