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construction, loose parts and 'child's choice'

week 7 

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week 4

week 3 

This week in the construction room we have a weetabix trough for the children to play with- creating structures with weetabix as well as being able to design their own little building to help create a block city by decorating a building block using felt tips. 

In the craft room we have added lots of different textures to our loose parts table including shiny c.ds to decorate so that the children can use lots of descriptive language, as well as being able to create constructions using balls of play dough, straws and sticks collected from the garden. 

Our literacy table this week is The Gruffalo and they have lots of natural woodland objects to explore as they help to tell the story of the Gruffalo. 

The children chose to play with the train track this week as well as the emergency services- our happy land fire station, hospital and police station.

week 2 


This week the butterfly group had lots of Disney activities to play with- Lion King, mr.potato head, our beauty and the beast tea set and our small world Snow White setting.

The boys and girls dressed up in Disney outfits to raise money for Crackerjack's children's trust.

In the construction room they played a counting game- matching coloured raw plugs to the numbered drills and continued to have fun playing with all the loose parts.

In the craft room they created pictures and were given samples of wallpapers and different fabrics that they could cut and stick.

week 1 

The boys and girls will be putting on their tabards and hard hats this week to discover our new construction site room.

They can play in the site office- drawing up plans, purchasing supplies or ringing the different tradesmen for quotes.

They can play on the builders site- building with the wooden blocks, using the tools and workbench, filling the diggers with beans and lentils or explore the various loose parts materials.

If they have time during their busy play they can have a builders tea break- pretending to pour tea from their flasks into enamel cups and eating sandwiches from their packed lunches.

If they feel  really hungry they can visit the builders cafe in the role play room.

They will be listening to the story of the  3 little pigs and playing our 'hard hat' circle game , as they put on their hard hats and introduce themselves to all their new friends.

Outdoors, we will be playing in our builders yard ( filling buckets, transporting different materials and exploring all the new real building supplies) and in the craft room we will be creating our loose parts pictures selecting our own resources from the bits n bobs baskets and creating houses and buildings with  the rocks and dough.

What a busy week we will be having. 

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