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The colour this week is orange and the children will be decorating orange pumpkins with paints and assorted craft materials. They will be playing in the greengrocers shop, exploring all the different fruits and vegetables and singing our new '5 juicy fruits' song.


This week we are playing in our role play corner and exploring lots of sensory equipment. We will be having a pretend tea party on the moon and zooming to the moon in the phsyical room - moving in a variety of ways as we bump over craters, float around in space and twinkle little stars. We will be having a go at threading sparkly pipe cleaners into a colander to develop our co-ordination skills and outdoors we will be playing with our parachute.


This week the colour is white. We are playing with all the arctic animals in our winter wonderland corner and listening to the story 'say hello to the snowy animals'. In our craft room we are painting pictures of Olaf the snowman using shaving foam and in the garden we are playing with water and ice.


This week the caterpillars are having fun playing with lots of different trasnport - airplanes, trains,cars and buses. They will be listening to different transport stories as well as joining in our 'wheels on the bus' action song. In the craft room we are painting using cars and trucks to create tyre patterns.


This week in the craft room, there are a variety of pink activities on offer. There will be pink paint, pink playdough and a variety of pink materials to stick and glue. We will be playing with the pretty princess mega blocks and with our fairy tale castle and in the role play room we have our 'let down your hair' hair salon.


This week we will be playing in our yellow sunshine breakfast kitchen. In the craft room we will be filling pots and pans with yellow split peas and pasta using spoons and scoops and decorating dinosaur shapes.


The Caterpillar group will be having lots of fun exploring their new dinosaur theme room. They will be creating dinosaur pictures using their hands and painting green leaves using sponges.

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