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Gold and silver

This week we will be decorating our own little Christmas tree, making Christmas cards and listening to the Nativity story.

In our Bake Off  kitchen we will be making Christingles with oranges and raisins.


This week we are listening to the story of the gingerbread man using props and puppets. In our bake off kitchen we are pretending to bake bread and cakes and singing our '5 current buns in a bakers shop' song. We are also playing counting games - finding and counting gingerbread man and counting the buttons on each gingerbread man, before matching them to the correct numbered cookie jar. In our craft room, we are mixing flour and water to make dough, as well as playing with gingerbread playdough. We will be using a lot of real cooking equipment and bakewear such as kitchen scales, sieves, mixing bowls, baking tins and assorted cookie cutters. 


We will be decorating little gingerbread men tree decorations to bring home and taking part in a gingerberad exercise game, moving in different ways, such as running as fast as we can, jumping as fast as we can and hopping as fast as we can. We will be playing with the animals on the farm and joining in games of animal bingo as well as dancing to our Old Mcdonald music cd.


This week we are listening to the story of the hungry caterpillar and we will be creating caterpillars by painting using apples and oranges.
We will be playing in our little green grocers shop, dancing to our 'clap for a carrot' song and learning all about food that is good for us.
In the garden we will be going on a butterfly hunt, searching of all the hidden butterflies and popping them into our giant net.

Colours (ContinueD!)

As it is Bonfire Night this week, we are creating firework pictures using colourful paint and lots of glittery and shiny materials. We will also be creating lots of firework sounds using musical instruments. We will be taking a trip to the moon with teddy in our story 'Whatever Next' and in the physical room we will be joining in with our 'Zooming to the Moon' acting song. 

In our 'Bake Off' kitchen, we will be wrapping real potatoes in foil and pretending to bake them for Bonfire Night as well as sizzling our 10 fat sausages in a pan as we sing our counting rhyme.

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