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Butterfly Group

This term the butterfly group will be having different fairytale stories read throughout this term.  They will be having lots of fun participating in the stories either through puppets, dressing up, or playing instruments.


Week 7

This is the last week of our favourite stories 1/2 term and our final story is Jack and the Beanstalk-which the staff will be performing to the children (with our own made up rhyming play-with a bit of a twist to the traditional story)

The children will be growing beans and creating their own beanstalk pictures using different beans.

They will also be taking part in lots of physical activities such as 'Fe Fi Fo Fum hopscotch' beanbag games and dancing to our bean action song- pretending to be jumping beans and runner beans.

In the role play room-which will be the Giants castle, they will be counting the gaints gold coins and matching the eggs to the correct numbered hens.

Week 6


This week we performed a little puppet show to re tell our version of the Disney Rapunzel story (which came out as our top favourite story this term)  We painted pictures of Rapunzel and had a go at plaiting wool to create Rapuenzels beautiful hair as well as taking part in a measuring activity-measuring Rapunzels plaits and putting them in order or length.

We had a role play birthday party for Rapunzel and played a cricle game-passing round a cake and taking turns to pretend to blow out the candle and share our birthday wishes. 

It was Rapunzels birthday wish to see the magic dancing stars so we painted pictures of stars in the night sky, just like to ones she painted on the tower wall and we were all given a paper lantern to decorate and take home.

Week 5

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

This week we listened to the story of Snow White.  We listened to the description of Snow White, who had hair as black as ebony and a face as white as snow.

We then described our own mummy as we chose the correct colours to paint a portirat of her, as well as creating lovely cards for Mothers Day.  We were allowed to design our own cards (either painting or sticking craft materials)

Just like Snow white who was busy doing all the chores in the swarves cottage, we got busy in the role play room-cooking, cleaning, hoovering and washing the pots.

We played in the mine, digging and panning for diamonds and jewels and we learnt a new little number rhyme.

5 little dwarves all standing in a line,

1, 2,3,4,5 so fine

One found a diamond nice and bright

Off she went tos how Snow White.

Week 4

The 3 Billy Goats Gruff

This week the children joined in the story of the Billy Goats Gruff by doing an obstacle course-moving in different ways to get from one side of the meadow to the other-over the stepping stones and down the slide.

We re told the story using props and puppets and used a variety of size language as well as positional language.

We created funny troll faces on the tree outside using play dough and a variety of natural objects such as pebbles, sticks and leaves and in the craft room we created story board pictures selecting different resources and using different paint printers to create different effects for the bridge, the river and the grass.

We also planted some grass seed in pots so that we could water it and watch it grow into a lovely green grass meadow for our Billy goats.

Week 3

Three Little Pigs


This week the children joined in the story of the 3 little pigs and they listened to the staff performing the piggy rap.


They played with all The Bob the Builder toys and used the different construction materials.  In the garden they used the trowel to put sand between the foam building bricks before building a wall and in the craft room they created story boards using a variety of different materials so that they could re tell the story of the 3 little pigs in the correct order.


Also-an exciting activity the children took part in was our 'I'll huff and I'll puff'game. We stuck ears on a hair dryer to turn in into the big bad wolf and the children had to predict which materials and objects it would blow down.

Week 2

This week was world book week and we came to pre-school dressed as our favourite story book character.

We made up lots of silly once upon a times stories, which the cihldren in costumes took part in.  On Tuesday it was pancake day so we listened to the story of the giant pancake.

We played the fairy tale characters and used puppets to act out our favourite stories.

In the garden we had hobby horse races which was lots of fun and in the craft room we made our own creations out of the play dough, with a variety of materials we could add to our creations, such as; straws, buttons, wood sticks and pasta.


Week 1

This week we have been listening to and joining in with the story of the gingerbread man using puppets and props.  We decorated our own little gingerbread men with icing and cake decorations to take home and eat as well as painting pictures of the gingerbread man and creating gingerbread men with play dough.

In the role play room we played in our bakery using lots of bakeware and cooking equipment and then we sold our cakes and gingerbread men in our role play bakers shop.

We had lots of fun mixing flour and water to make our own dough and added a variety of different ingediants such as mided fruit, herbs and porridge oats.

In the garden we created a little assault course using natural garden objects such as pebbles, twigs and pine cones.  We then used lots of positional language such as over, under, through and around as we played with our little gingerbread men stick puppets, our friends cheered us on' run, run, run as fast as you can'

Take a look at our photos showing the fun activities we took part in.



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