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week 7 

t's party week at Pre School all week and we will be playing party games, dancing to our favourite party tunes and taking a ride on Santa's magical music sleigh.
We will be filling little socks with sweets and treats in our elf workshop for our sock exchange. Each child will give their sock to a friend so that all the boys and girls have a special elf sock to bring home and hang on their tree ready for Christmas.

It's Christmas jumper week all week if your child wants to come wearing a Christmas jumper or sweatshirt.
Please do not feel the need to go out and buy a jumper- just simply decorate an old jumper in tinsel, bows and baubles. We are asking if everyone would like to make a donation of £1 or more to help raise money for Save the Children. 

week 6 

The boys and girls will be playing in our Christmas kitchen this week, mixing Christmas puddings and making pies. They will be using real bakeware- cake tins, rolling pins, sieves, scales etc and learning how to use the different household objects. They will also be creating their own very special Christmas cards and filling little bags with reindeer food, ready to sprinkle outside their front door on Christmas Eve. 

week 5 

We will be putting up our Christmas tree this week which the boys and girls will be able to decorate themselves using our box of sparkly tree decorations and they will be making a c.d tree decoration to bring home to hang on their own tree 

week 4 

This week the children will be playing with our small loose parts and dough- having fun using lots of different materials and they will also be creating lovely calendars to bring home by sticking their choice of beautiful fabrics, ribbons and trimmings onto a felt mat. 

week 3 

This week we will be filling the sunshine room with lots of large loose parts such as cardboard boxes, tyres, plastic pipes and lengths of fabrics for the children to explore and play with as they wish.
It's surprising how much fun you can get out of a cardboard box and this will encourage children to Initiate their own ideas, seek challenge, make decisions and pretend that objects are something else( characteristics of effective learning in the eyfs) 

week 2

This week we will be exploring a variety of loose parts and creating portraits of ourselves with them.
We will be looking in the mirror and talking about what we look like before creating our faces.

We will then use the camera to take pictures of our creations and these will be displayed on our new 'amazing me' wall display. 

week 1 

This week the boys and girls will be exploring our loose parts and using them to create colourful firework pictures and to decorate pumpkins.
In our music room we will be talking about fireworks and creating firework sounds with the musical instruments.

We will be dancing like colourful fireworks using scarves, voiles and streamers and we will also be introducing our dough disco sessions. 

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