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week 7 - how cheeky tinsel bow can you go?

This week is Christmas jumper week and we are asking all children and staff to come wearing a Christmas knit and make a donation of £1 or more to Save The Children.
Please do not go out and buy a new Christmas jumper but simply decorate your jumper or sweatshirt with Christmas trimmings such as tinsel, baubles and bows.

If you wish- come along with an old jumper or t- shirt that you don't mind your child trimming here using Mrs.Kelly's box of scraps.

We will be playing our Christmas bells and shakers as we take a ride on Santa's sleigh, dance to our favourite music and have fun playing party games.

In our Elf's workshop we will be creating Christmas elf socks for our sock exchange.
We will be filling our little socks with sweets and Christmas treats which we will be giving out to our friends - so that we all have a special sock to take home and hang on our tree ready for Christmas Day. 

week 6 

This week we will exploring our basket of Christmas decorations using all our senses. There will be lengths of shiny tinsel, ringing bells, colourful lights and sparkly baubles that we can choose to help decorate our tree and we will also be creating our very own Christmas cards.

This year you will not be getting a pre cut snowman card or a perfectly decorated tree
card , identical to every other child's Christmas card in the nursery, but you will be getting your own unique child's' loose parts' creation .
We understand the importance of not mass producing cards of how an adult would like them to look, but to allow the children to make their own card - however they wish, using paints or sticky glue. It will mean so much more to you knowing that they have made it all by themselves and they will get so much more out of the creative process. 

week 5 

We will be discovering all the beautiful Christmas wrapping paper and trimmings this week in our little elf wrapping workshop and we will be able to select our own boxes of different shapes and sizes to wrap and decorate, as we talk about shapes, colours and patterns.
In our group literacy sessions we will be learning all about Baby Jesus as we look through our nativity story telling basket so that next week we can recall the sequence of events and act out the story with our friends. 

week 4 

We will be exploring lots of natural resources out in the garden and creating ' loose part ' pictures that we can take apart and create again and again.
We will also be working together in small groups to create a 'tree of wonder', using baubles, Christmas lights and sparkling resources.

In our creative room we will be making calendars to bring home using beautiful materials such as silk, felt, lace, chiffon and ribbons that we find in Mrs. Kelly's box this week and we will be practising our scissor cutting skills on our jolly Christmas table- cutting green jelly, red glitter, play dough and Christmas wrapping paper. 

week 3 

This week we will be starting to create our own little Christmas fundraising video.
Each year we create a Christmas advert- which stemmed originally from the John Lewis t.v ads and we will be raising money this year for guide dogs.
We will exploring our box of scraps and talking about the different textures and if we wish we can create pet picture boards using the fabrics and textiles (will we need furry fabric? feathers? hard shell like materials? patterned materials or plain ones?).
We will be playing in our pet shop and talking about our own pets as well as joining in with our rhyming story- Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's dairy.
We will be talking all about different types of dogs and their similarities and differences - whether they have long hair, curly hair, short tails, spots etc.. and learning all about the important job that guide dogs do. 

week 2

We will be talking all about Lucy's Grandpa this week and having circle time opportunities for the children to talk about their own grandparents and families.

We will be filling our own 'Mrs. Kelly's shoeboxes' with scraps and our favourite bits and bobs which we will be able to take home so that we can have fun at home creating a special picture. 

week 1 

As it's Halloween, we will be using our lovely box of scraps to decorate our pumpkins this week and the children will be able to mix their own spells in our 'sensory couldron 'as we join in with the well loved story 'Room on the broom'
Outdoors we will be exploring our large loose parts( tyres, pipes, planks etc) and working together to create a 'truly magnificent broom' for all our friends.
We will also be creating firework pictures and paintings and having a go at making up our own little fireworks 'sounds poems'. 

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