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week 7 

Sports Challenges


This week the boys and girls will be using lots of different sports equipment and taking part in lots of physical challenges indoors, such as our obstacle course, balancing beanbags, throwing and catching balls and dancing with the dough in our fun dough disco sessions. 

In the craft room they will be playing with play dough and pasta as well as having a tea party using real tea leaves.

week 6 

Threading challenge.


This week we have provided lots of fun threading challenges for the children,

We have new threading picture cards as well as colourful shapes and wooden blocks. They will be threading pipe cleaners onto colanders on our space table and threading unusual objects such as CDs and curtain rings onto pipes and ribbon in our sunshine room.

They will be making bracelets to take home by threading pasta tubes onto lengths of wool.

week 5 

Water pouring challenge.


This week we will be practising our water pouring skills.

In the craft room we have lots of containers- some big, some small, some that are narrow and some that are wide and we will be attempting to fill these with jugs of water.

We will also be transporting water using scoops and pipettes in the water trough and outdoors we will be playing in the water- filling buckets and bowls.

We will be playing with the Pirates and mermaids under the sea and singing along to 5 little ducks and row the boat. 


week 4

Scissor challenge.


This week we are having lots of fun practicing to use the scissors.

In the craft room we will be cutting through jelly cubes, snipping strips of pasta and cutting playdough as well as having a go at cutting a variety of materials from plastic  straws, ribbons, card board and shiny tinsel.

In our role play room we can make appointments to have our hair done at the hair salon, where we have a variety of hairdressing equipment to use with our friends.

In our snail room we have many farm animal activities to take part in and we will be singing and dancing to Old McDonald.

week 3 

This week we are having building challenges to see who can build, fix and construct with a large variety of construction such as wooden blocks, stickle bricks and mega blocks
In the sunshine room we will be playing with Bob The Builders construction site and in the messy room we will be painting with colourful mega blocks and Lego bricks as well as painting egg cartons.

week 2 

We will be having fun this week trying to catch the colourful balls bobbing in the water using spaghetti spoons. We will be naming the colours as well as counting the number of balls we manage to catch.
We will also be having fun playing in bubbly water and joining in with our story of the big bubbles in the 'big red bath' and our 'bubble bubble...pop!' song. 

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