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Celebrations around the world

This term we will be travelling around the world, learning all about different celebration.  The first week we will be learning about Bonfire night and hearing about the children's own bonfire night experiences.

Christmas in England/baby shower week

This week we learnt all about the birth of baby Jesus and performed our Natvity Play. We have been having fun making our own babies up in the craft room.

Christmas in France

This week we have travelled all the way to France to celebrate Christmas.  The children have been learning about 'pere noel'.  They have been decorating shoes to leave for 'pere noel', and are hoping he brings them some candy in their shoe ( as is tradition in France). We are even learning some new Christmas words in French, if you ask your child, they may even be able to tell you some.

We have also been riding on Santa's sleigh this week, playing bells and singing Christmas songs.  In the craft room the children have been enjoying making their very own Christmas cards.


Christmas in Mexico

This week the butterflies travelled all the way to Mexico and joined in Mexican Christmas traditions.  They had a Mexican parade, made luminaries and made their very own star pinata. They listened to a story about 'The Legend of the Poinsettia', which are flowers grown in Mexico and are put on display for Christmas. The children had fun making their very own Poinsettia paintings.


This week we learnt all about Thanksgiving day and in our role play room we had a thanksgiving dinner table. Rachel told us all about the delicious food eaten at Thanksgiving.

We listened and acted out the story of the first Thanksgiving with the Native Americans and Pilgrims. Later in the week we made story telling bracelets using different coloured beads.  With these story bracelets we will be able to recall the story in sequence bu looking at the oder in which we threaded the beads.  We also played a turkey number sequence activity-putitng coloured feathers on the turkey in order 1-10.

We helped create a 'thankful pie' wall display with the lovely turkeys we made and by writing all the tihngs we are thankful for as well as making our own little pumpkin pies in little foil dishes.  We popped pumpkin slices inside our pies with our thankful thoughts.


Rachel made us some pumpkin pie play dough to play with and also brought us some letters from her own family in American so that htey could share their thanksgiving traditions with us. As we were learning to thankful we though about those less fortunate and helped full a giving basket full of food items.




This week we have been celebrating Dewali.  We have learnt all about Hindu family traditions and enjoed a role play party, where we dressed up in costumes, creating beautiful crafts: such as; Rangoli patterns and diva lamps.  We have also had a fun during our story time- acting out the story of Rama and Sita.


We have been singing our own Dewali songs, and the lyrics can be found on our songs page.

Remembrance Day

This week we learnt all about remembrance day and made heart poppies as well as fingerprint poppy fields.  the children took part in a minutes silence on Monday and were awarded certificates for doing so.

Also this week the childrren worked in group to talk about ways to resolve conflict and what they should do if they were feeling unhappy or if someone had been unkind to them.  We continued on the theme of emotions duing our dancing time, dancing to sticky kids songs 'angry song' and 'fabby dabby dee'.


Outdoors the children have had lots of fun in their outdoor labratory.  Mixing together various colours of water, vinegar, lemon juice, bicarbonate soda and salt.  They had lots of fun watching these reactions.

Bonfire Night

This week we have been learning all about bonfire night.  The children have really enjoyed playing in the role play room, making food for bonfire night.  Like wrapping up their potatoes in tin foil, and sizzling the sausages in the pan.


They have also been pretending to be fireworks during their music and movement time.  The children moved in a variety of ways; blasting off, swirling around, and whizzing up to the sky.

Outside the children, have been creating their own fire pictures by splattering bright colours onto card.


In our new fantastic finding room the children have explored the new winter wonderland.


Also, this term we are continuing our team work token collecting, which was a great success last half term promoting positive behaviour.  Your child will be bringing a picture home to colour in.


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