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the paper dolls

This week we are listening to a lovely story about a little girl who made 5 paper dolls. We will be having a go at making our own paper dolls using the scissors. We will all be decorating and painting our own doll too, in the craft room and when we have all made one, these will be put together to make a paper chain of dolls, which we will be displaying on the wall. We will be taking part in a new ring game that we have made up - "you can't catch me, oh no no no, we're holding hands and we won't let go" - as well as singing a new song '5 Paper Dolls'. In the different rooms we will also have a variety of small world settings to go with the different scenes from the story. We will be dressing paper dolls and taking part in weather activities, choosing different clothes for the different types of weather. we will be having a toy shop closing down sale, as this is the last week of term, so all the toys will be half price.

Everything must go, as we prepare for another exciting new half term!

I love you blue kangaroo

This week the Buttefly group will be listening to the story 'We Love You Blue Kangaroo'. They will be painting all the different soft toys from the story as well as buying soft toys from the toy shop (asking for them using lots of descriptive language such as size, texture and colour). In the role play room, they will be playing in their snuggle time bedroom corner with soft toys - listening to bedtime stories and rhymes. They will be talking all about their own bedtime routines, such as cleaning their teeth, having a wash and putting on their pyjamas.On Friday it's Pyjama Day - raising money for Crackerjacks childrens' trust!

Harry and the bucket full of dinosaurs

This week we are listening to the story 'Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs'. We are playing a shape sorting game, putting the correct shapes into the shape dinosaur buckets (the rectanglesaurus, the circlesaurus, the triangularsaurus). We are playing with the dinosaurs in our den and going on a dinosaur stomp in the physical room. In the craft room, we are creating our own dinosaurs and using paint and a variety of craft resources.We will be naming our dinosaurs and using adjectives to describe them.

There's an octopus under my bed

This week we are listening to the story - 'There's an Octopus under my Bed'. We will be learning to tidy up like the octopi in the story and we will be awarded special magicness certificates for helping to tidy up. In the craft room, we are painting octopus pictures as well as creating octopi using playdough and a variety of different materials such as straws, pipe cleaners and pasta tubes. In the garden we will be going on a pony racetrack obstacle course, just like Molly in the story. We will be having a princess tea party too, as well as mixing perfumes and potions in our little perfume factory.

Tatty Ratty

This week, we will be playing in our new role play toy shop and talking about the new toys that Santa Claus brought us. We will be painting pictures of our favourite toys for our new wall display as well as painting pictures of Tatty Ratty, the rabbit in our story this week. We will be going on a Tatty Ratty hunt in the garden, as well as using the remote control Bee Bot to find Tatty Ratty by programming it to go in different directions. We will be retelling the story as we play with all the different story settings such as the 'Three Bears' Kitchen', 'Cinderella's Castle' and in our space corner.

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