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blue kangaroo

our own kangaroo story

This week we have made up our own story about Blue Kangaroo and all the butterfly boys and girls to tell at story time. 

The boys and girls will be able to make up their own little stories this week and create books for our bookcase. 

They will be able to sit with their friends in our little blue kangaroo library, looking at an assortment of books.


This week we will be having fun playing instruments in our animal band, running races, hopping, jumping, balancing and bouncing and trying lots of new activities MORE and MORE times( just like Billy in our story) 

We will be awarded prizes for attempting new skills and for taking part. 

We will also have lots of fun counting and solving mathematical problems in our 'more' and 'more' picture game. 

In our craft room we will be creating pictures of the lion who lives behind the curtain and making forests full of lollipops( just like in our story)

i'll show you blue kangaroo

Oh dear- Lily is just not doing as she is told in our story this week. 

Poor blue kangaroo ends up with an injured tail. We will be taking care of all the injured animals in our pet vets this week and talking all about being kind. 

Also, we will have an attempt at sewing this week( just like Lily's mum, who had to sew poor blue kangaroos tail) 


We will be making a giant kangaroo for our display upstairs and all the boys and girls who have good listening ears, try to do as they have been asked and show kindness and consideration to others will have their name put inside blue kangaroos pocket. 

We will also be making our own pictures and paintings of Lily and Blue Kangaroo.

where are you blue kangaroo

This week we will be going on a blue kangaroo hunt- taking turns to hide and find the blue kangaroo and using lots of positional and directional language. 

In our role play room we will be playing with lots of different small world settings- the zoo, the park and the transport play mat with the big red bus( all the places that Lily lost her little kangaroo). 

In our creative room we will be making 'hiding places' collage pictures of the park, the zoo and the garden, using paints, pattern stampers and a variety of collage materials.

i love you blue kangaroo

We will be continuing to talk about our special toys this week- in particular soft toys that we take to bed with us. We will be playing in our role play bedroom and talking all about our bedtime routines, as well as joining in our roll over bedtime games- counting toys as they roll over and fall out of bed. 

In the craft room- we will be making yellow cotton tail rabbits, wild brown bears and long eared owls- just like the animals in the story.

merry christmas blue kangaroo

Blue kangaroo belonged to Lily. He was her very own kangaroo. 

What toy is special to you? 

This week we are bringing in special toy to share with us and we will talking about them during our circle time. 

In the craft room we will be painting pictures of our favourite toys and toys that we had for Christmas and we will be displaying these on a toy shelf wall display in the welcome room. 

In our role play room we will be playing in our own little toy shop. 

We will be recalling all our Christmas preparations- just like Lily in our story and we will be creating paper chains as well as making play dough mince pies and Christmas cookies. 

We will be creating 'talk about' talk hoards using little Christmas belongings that we bring in from home.

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