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easter fun week

Blue kangaroo will be joining in all our Fun Easter activities this week. 

We will be painting and decorating eggs, making Easter cards and going on a Easter egg hunt in the garden. 

We will be continuing to play in blue kangaroos classroom and taking part in blue kangaroos p.e sessions.

come to school too blue kangaroo

Our story this week is all about Lily's first day at school. 

We will be playing in our own little blue kangaroo classroom, where we will be writing letters and numbers , drawing shapes, painting pictures on the easel and building with the blocks, just like Lily and blue kangaroo.

when i first met you blue kangaroo

In our story this week, Lily's baby brother was born. 

We will be learning to care for babies in our little role play nursery- where we will be bathing, changing, feeding and singing lullabies to the babies as well as taking them for walks in the garden in pushchairs and prams. 

We will be exploring our layette basket of real baby clothes, toys and everything needed to care for baby.

what shall we do, blue kangaroo?

This week we will be doing all the things that Lily learns to do herself- drawing pictures, making a picnic for the toys, reading books and then tidying away after ourselves. 

We will also be learning to think of ideas of things we'd like to do- all by ourselves and we will be encouraged to independently access our own resources and make decisions . 

Certificates will be awarded for our achievements and efforts. 

In the craft room we will be thinking of ideas to create our Mothers a Day cards and we will also be making special Mothers Day Gifts.

happy birthday blue kangaroo

This week we will be celebrating Lily and blue kangaroos birthday. We will be having a pretend role play tea party, wrapping presents, making paper chains and birthday buntings, playing party games, as well as decorating little birthday buns to take home. 

We will be recalling our own birthdays too so if anyone would like to bring in pictures of their birthdays to share with us. In the craft room we will be creating little birthday cards for blue kangaroo, which we will be writing our names inside and we will be playing number games( recognising how old we are).

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