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beauty and the beast

the spell is broken

This is the final part of our story, where the spell is broken and the Beast turns back into a prince for he has learned to love and be loved in return. 

We will be creating tiaras and crowns this week which we will wear as we take turns to sit on our royal throne for our final photos and certificate presentation and we will be decorating heart shapes to give to a friend. 

In our Sunflower snack room we will be creating beautiful Belle cupcakes to bring home. We will also be bringing home our Beauty and The Beast diaries and all the creations we have been busy making over the last 6 weeks.

there may be something there that wasn't there before

We will be creating our own magical memory mirrors this week, as we recall all our favourite things we have done at Stepping Stones. 

We will be playing with our many role play scenes from the story, such as the grand library, the garden( where Belle and the Beast played in the snow and fed the birds) and our beauty parlour( where they got dressed up ready to dance in the ballroom) 

We will be choosing a friend to dance with this week as we dance the waltz to 'Tale As Old As Time'.

the west wing

This week in our story, Belle explores the castle and discovers the enchanted rose in the West Wing. 

We will be creating our own little roses in bell jars to bring home and making our own castles using a variety of construction materials. 

We will also be looking at photos and picture books of castles of old and drawing our own pictures using water colours and pastels , as well as creating swords, shields and knights in shining armour. 

The Beast rescues Belle from the pack of wolves that chase her as she escapes from the castle and so we will be talking all about feelings - about feeling scared, upset and angry and we will be dancing to our angry song and thinking of kind things we could do for others to show that we care.

be our guest

This week we will be having an enchanted tea party in the Beasts castle and we will be creating all the enchanted story characters to take home. 

We will be playing with bubbly water in our bubble and brew corner- washing all the pots after our tea party. 

We will be colouring Beast masks to wear, modelling beasts out of clay and creating beasts in the garden using sticks and stones and natural resources that we can find.

the enchanted castle

This week we will be playing in our own workshop- designing and creating our own inventions and as it is Fathers Day this week we will be making special Cogsworth cards for our Dads or Grandads and talking all about the special times we share. 

We will also be making yummy chocolate beast buns 

We will be learning to follow directions and move in different ways- left, right, forwards, backwards and sideways , as we play our lost Maurice game.


This week we will be listening to our first part of our Beauty and The Beast story- where Belle walks through the little French market place on her way to the library. 

We will be playing in our own little French market, where we have a bakery, a flower stall and a fruit and vegetable stall. 

We will be exploring our new Beauty and the Beast room, where we will be decorating stained glass windows and creating pictures of roses.We will be joining in a 'pump up the muscles with Gaston ' game and playing a musical spells game.

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