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This week we will be listening to a story about a little bear who heard lots of strange noises in the night- "splash, splash, splash- the dripping tap, "flap, flap, flap", the bedroom curtains and "rumble, rumble, rumble"-newton's rumbly tummy.

We will be playing lots of sound recognition games this week as well as exploring sounds with the instruments.

We will also be shopping at Tesco's to buy milk bread and honey for Newton as well as buying supper and breakfast that we like to eat.

In our role play room we will have a bedtime snuggle area where we will be listening to bedtime rhymes and stories and discussing our bedtime routines.

Alone in the woods

This week we are listening to a story about a little teddy bear who flew through the air with his kite. He landed on the ground in the middle of a teddy bears picnic. We will be bringing in our own teddies and joining in our pretend teddy bears picnic and decorating little kites in the craft room. Outdoors, we will be playing with our giant rainbow coloured parachute and playing witht he balls and beanbags. In the physical room we will be dancing to 'let's go fly a kite' with voiles, ribbons and streamers. We will also be decorating little cupcakes to bring home.

we're going on a bear hunt

This week the caterpillar group are joining in with the words and actions to our story - 'we're going on a bear hunt' - pretending to splash through the river, stumble through the woods and tiptoe through the cave. In the craft room they will be exploring lots of sensory bear hunt troughs - mud, a shaving foam snowstorm and water. They will also be creating special cards this week for Mothers' Day.

Goldilocks and the three bears

This week we will be joining in with the story of Goldilocks and the three bears using props and puppets. In the role play room, we will be playing in the three bears kitchen - with three different size bears, chairs, spoons and bowls - and in the craft room we will be mizing porridge oats with water until it is "just right!". We will also be making tasty treats, using our imaginations, with the play dough and using a variety of real bakeware and cookign equipment.

where's my teddY?

This week we listened to a story about a little boy called Eddy, who lost his little bear called Freddy in the woods.

We joined in with the words in the story and used different size  language as we looked at the Bears- the gigantic bear and the tiny bear.

In the craft room we used lots of different tools such as palm printers, mops and sponges to paint different sized bears.

We played in our role play woodlands- discovering mini beasts, woodland animals and natural objects - leaves, bark and pine cones.


this is the bear

This week we are listening to the story - 'This is the Bear', about a bear who was pushed in the bin and went to the dump in a dustbin lorry. We will be recycling rubbish - making junk models and 'rubbish' pictures. We will be having fun this week playing in our brand new Tesco supermarket theme room.

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