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i've seen santa

In this week's story, little bear can't wait for Santa to deliver his presents. 

In our home corner we will have our own little Christmas tree that we can decorate, choosing our favourite decorations and trimmings out of our Christmas treasure basket. 

We will be designing our own wrapping paper and wrapping presents to put under the tree 


On our very last day we will all have our own special little Christmas present from Stepping Stones to take home.


This week we will be visiting the North Pole where we will see the white snowy polar bears. 

We will be looking at lots of snowy bear stories and playing with the Arctic animals in the fake snow and ice. 

We will be creating our own Christmas cards however we choose and taking a trip on Santa's sleigh ride as we dress up and sing along to Christmas songs. 

In our role play room we will have our own little post office, where we can write Christmas cards and letters to Santa Claus before posting them in our post box.

ten in a bed

We will be creating lots of silly sounds this week as we join in with our counting story, 'ten in the bed' and we will be creating sounds using a variety of musical instruments.


We will be playing a ball rolling game, taking turns  with our friends in the physical room and playing in our little role play bedroom, where we will be able to talk about our bedtime routines.

We will be decorating our own  little stockings to hang on the end of our bed ready for Christmas and creating little hedgehogs out of clay( just like the little hedgehog in our story who fell out of the bed with a bump!)

we're going on a bear hunt

This week we will be learning to move in lots of different ways as we act out the story and go on our very own bear hunt, through the river, the forest, the swirling whirling snowstorm and into the deep dark cave. 

In our craft room we will be playing in our 'bear hunt' sensory troughs which will be full of mud, water and fake snow.

sometimes i curl up like a ball

"Sometimes I curl up like a ball,no one can see me because I'm so small...." This week we will be having fun copying all the actions that little wombat does- walking round and round, standing as still and as tall as a tree, pulling funny faces and running in races. 

We will also be contributing our own ideas of things that we can try to do with all our friends. 

In the craft room we will be creating little tree pictures for our woodland wall display and we will be discovering lots of mini beasts( just like the ones in our story) 

We will be making conker caterpillars as well as painting pictures using string and exploring our 'porridge goo'.

whatever next

This week we will be zooming to the moon with teddy and Owl in our cardboard box rocket. 

As it was Bonfire Night on Saturday we will be talking all about our own experiences and dancing with colourful voiles and streamers( creating fireworks in the air) as well as making paint splatter pictures using lots of different coloured paints and a variety of mops, cloths, rags and rollers.

don't wake the bear hare

This week we will be creating a cave for our sleepy bear game and we will be having a teddy bears picnic in our woodland setting. 

We will be exploring our nature troughs in the craft room- where we have conkers, pine cones, Autumn leaves and pumpkins (which we will be decorating) 

We will also be playing in our scented Autumn play dough and threading leaves using sticks and string( to develop our fine motor skills)

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