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This week we will be celebrating the dragon boat festival and taking part in little boat races in the garden as well as playing in our cardboard box dragon boat , taking turns to row as our friends make music with the drums 

We will be having a go at Chinese writing and Ah Lan dancing with colourful streamers. 

Our story this week is called 'Cleversticks' and is about a little boy who uses chopsticks. We too will be having a go at using chopsticks ourselves as well as creating dragon heads and lanterns.


This week we will be listening to Polish folk tales and playing in our puppet theatre as well as performing in our outdoors theatre. We will also be creating beautiful Hungarian headdresses with flowers and taking part in a colour changing flower equipment. We will be creating traditional flowers by painting with celery, and by painting with our hands and we will be creating flowers with scented rose petal dough.


This week we will be going on a journey around India by joining in with our Engines, Engines rhyming story and discovering beautiful temples, jewelled elephants and women dancing wearing bright saris. 

We will be creating Indian henna patterns using a variety of different techniques as well as having a go at Indian dancing. 

We will be chalking mandala patterns in the garden and creating beautiful Indian elephants in the craft rooms using a variety of different resources such as coloured paints, shiny gems and different textured fabrics and papers.


This week we will be learning all about the Japanese Doll Festival and Children's Day. 

We will be creating carp fish kites ( a Children's day custom) exploring real fish from the fishmongers in our outdoor rock pool and using our fine motor skills to create Japanese blossom trees. 

We will also be making little pink rice crispy cakes to bring home as part of our doll festival celebrations and making Japanese dolls.


This week we will be celebrating The Queen's birthday, making crowns and learning all about London. 

We will also be having a little flower procession to celebrate May Day, where we will be crowning our own May Queen and having a go at May pole dancing. 

We will be listening to the story of George and the dragon, playing with the knights and castle as well as enjoying a royal banquet in our role play room.

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