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Australian animals

This week we will be learning about different animals- koalas, kangaroos, and possums and we will be listening to a lovely story about Kira the Koala, using puppets and props. 

We will be playing a bouncing kangaroo game in the physical room and camping in the outback in our role play room, where we will be playing a variety of different instruments in our kookaburra band an decorating didgeridoos to bring home.

down at the bottom of the garden

This week we will be exploring the mini beasts and listening to the story of the hungry caterpillar as well as taking part in our wiggle walk to raise money for 'Action For Children'. 

We will be playing in our role play green grocers, looking at all the juicy fruit that the very hungry caterpillar enjoyed eating and we will be creating our own cards for mummy by painting with fruit. 

We will be making dirt pudding cups to take home, using chocolate angel delight, crushed biscuits and gummy worms.

down on the farm

We will be playing with our small world farm set this week and learning the names of all the different animals and the sounds they make. We will be taking turns to choose animals out of our Old McDonald song bag and playing a 'who am I ' guessing game. 

We will be rounding up the sheep in our physical room, playing a milk the cow game and creating pink piggy cakes to bring home.

under the sea

This week we will be joining in with our favourite story- Shark In The Park. 

We will be exploring the sea creatures in our spaghetti sea trough and creating our own little ocean in a bottle to take home and talk about. 

In our role play room, we will be able to dress as mermaids and pirates in our under the sea cavern and we will be catching fish in our outdoor water trough, as we learn our shapes, colours and numbers.

down in the jungle

This week we will be dancing and singing along to The Animal Boogie , as we dress up in animal costumes, play musical instruments and play in our role play jungle setting. 

There's lots to do in our messy play room and our outdoor sensory garden this week as we play in our jungle jelly swamp, our natural jungle tuff spots and our black and white zebra fun foam. 

We will be threading little jungle leaf necklaces to take home as well as making our own little colourful Elmer cookies.


This week we will be playing in our own little pet vets , looking after all the animals and talking about our own pets.

If anyone would like to bring in photographs to share of their pets that would be great.

We will be using tools to roll  and cut the playdough so that we can make tails for the mice, whiskers for the cats and dog biscuits for the dogs on our play dough activity mats.

We will be sorting dog biscuits by colour and size into bowls and washing the mucky pets and feeding the baby rabbits and hamsters in our sensory troughs.

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