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Animal Stories

Not so Loud Oliver

This week we have listened to 'Not So Loud Oliver' about a noisy owl who work up all the farm animals.  We played farm animal games-listening to farm animal sounds and making the animal sounds ourselves and choosing animals out of our old mcdonalds farm bag to add to the song.  Outdoors we created our own farmyard environmnet with mud, straw, and natural resources found in the garden.  We added all the plastic farm animals to play with and then we learn a new song- I went visit a farm one day.


In the craft room we played with play dough using animal shaped cutters and we made symmetrical Oliver owl paintings.


Keira the Koala

This week we learnt all about different Australian animals as we listened to the story of Keira the Koala.  We painted a eucalyptus tree and on it we displayed the lovely koalas and bright coloured parrots we created. We played parrot snap and a colouring sequencing game- putting coloured feathers on our parrots.

We also played a game of sleeping bunnies (but changed the words-so instead of bunnies hopping it was koalas munchkin, kangaroos jumping and parrots-Squawking).

Animal Boogie

This week the caterpillar group have been doing the animal boogie, dancing along to the music and singing along to the story-copying actions, pretending to be all the different jungle animals. In the role play room we set up a jungle area with soft toy animals, books, and jungle puzzles and in the craft room we made patterns on snakes using paint rollers, palm printers, cotton bobbina and sponges.



'Catch that Kitten'

The caterpillar group have joined in with our number story this week called 'catch that kitten'.  They have been on a kitten hunt in the garden to find and count all the lost kittens. They have been painting using cars and trucks this week as well as playing in the water and shaving foam.

Don't forget to bring in your pet pictures to share with us.


This week we listened to the story of the Gruffalo.

'All was quiet in the deep dark woods...'

The caterpillar group played in the new woodland theme room exploring the animals and natural objects and created their own woodland collage picture which we displayed on the wall.

They made paper bag Gruffalo hand puppets so that they could pretend to be the Gruffalo and re tell the story, using all the new descriptive language that they were introduced to.



This 1/2 term we are joining in some of our favourite animal stories and taking part in lots of fun activities that are linked to the story.

Our first story is 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' and we are enjoying a role play tea party in our let's pretend room.

In the craft room we are having lots of messy food fun exploring different food teh tiger may have enjoyed such as cooked pasta, baked beans, and porridge oats.  We also had a tea leaves tea party, using little teaspoons to full cups and tea pots with loose eta leaves.



Have a look at our new fantasy woodland glen theme room.  We enjoyed exploring our new theme room this week and playing with all the exciting new toys.

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