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Caterpillar Group

Week 7

Flora's Blanket


This week the children will be listening to the story called Floras blanket-about a bunny who couldn't sleep without his blanket.

They will be playing in their snuggle time sleep corner with their soft toys and bedtime story books and they will be talking about their own bedtime routines.

In the craft room they will playing with the soft toy rabbits in the straw-taking care of them by brushing them and feeding them carrots.

They will be also be going on an Easter egg hunt in the garden-helping the bunny find and count the hidden eggs.


Week 6

Chicken Licken

This week the boys and girls will be decorating and wearing little feathered friend headbands for our Chicken Licken parade in the garden and that's where we'll be listening to our story. We will also be going on an egg hunt as well as decorating egg shapes in the craft room.

Week 5

Where's my Mummy?

This week the children will be listening to a story about a baby crocodile who searches for his mummy in the jungle and meets lots of aniumals on the way.

We will be playing with the jungle animals, looking at jungle animals books and diong jungle jigsaw puzzles.

We will be dancing to 'the animal boogie' and 'never smile at a crocodile'.  In the garden we will be playingin our muddy crocodile swamp as well as with the water play centre.

We will be creating special cards for our mummy or our Grandma, either using paints or sticking things with glue.

Week 4

Say hello to the baby animals

This week the children played with all the baby animals, learning their names and making the sounds they make.

In the garden they created a farm enviornment in the tuff spot with soil, water and grass and played iwth all the baby farm animals.

In the craft room they created paintings of baby chicks, rabbits and lambs to displayin our woodland glen theme room.

Week 3

This week the caterpillars joined in a story- 10 in the bed.

Lots of animals fell out of the bed with a crash and a bang-so in our role play room we set up a little pet vets so that we could take care of these injured animals.

We played iwth the musical instruments and created lots of different sounds like in our story.

Week 2

This week we listened to the story 'Blue Kangaroo'.

We talked about how Lily felt when she lost her favourite toy and how poor blue kangaroo felt whenhe couldn't be found.  We joined in lots of feelings activities, such as singing songs to show how we feel, playing with our kimchi dool (which means feelings in Japanese) dancing to actions ongs about different emotions and playing Miss Polly had a dolly circle game.

We played in our dolly hospital, looking after all the poorly toys, dressed up as doctors and nurses. in the craft room we created a giant kangaroo, we all decorated our own kangaroo craft folders as well as going on a kangaroo hunt in the garden.

Week 1

If you like to dance and you sometimes sing, why don't you do the animal thing.

This week we joined in with the animal bop, learning the names of different animals and learning to move in different ways as we pretended to be penguins, ducks, lizards and elephants.

In the role play room we played with the small world zoo and played a 'trip to the zoo' circle game, choosing animals out of a bag to name and make the animal sounds.

In the craft room we helped create a giant lizard and chose to either paint the lizard using a variety of tools as well as selecting craft materials to stick ont he lizard.


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